Written by Pete Morano on February 1, 2013
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One of the greatest issues business face when it comes to local listings is keeping them up to date and easily synchronized across the numerous local search engines like Yelp, MapQuest and Yellowbook. Local search is designed to provide information about where a business is located, but for buyers to be able to make a decision to visit a business, they need to know what’s inside, who works there and when they should go.

Yext PowerListings+ is working to fix this local search problem by giving businesses the power to stand out from their competition with more useful, enhanced listings. Yext service adds rich content to local searches to answer the who, the what and the when of business. PowerListings+ service allows businesses to add information like dynamic product lists, professional bios, event calendars, payment options, photos, hours and offers to their businesses listings on more than 2 dozen sites including Yahoo! and foursquare.

Yext provides people with the information they need to make a decision to visit your business — not merely the map to get there.

Expanding Small Business

According to the Yext developers, a local search is often the last digital stop that buyers make before taking action to visit a business because it connects the physical location with something the consumer needs.

But more often than not, the quality of information isn’t thorough or accurate and leaves buyers with questions about products, services and pricing. The Yext developers explain that local listings are most often incorrect because businesses don’t have the time or resources to manage updates on dozens of sites. In the US, 41% of business addresses, 59% of business names/listings and 10% of phone numbers are inaccurate, according to the Yext website.

Yext digitizes business information from one account and disseminates the latest photos, deals, products and other important information. All updates are controlled from a central management platform, so for small businesses with fewer resources or enterprises with dozens of locations, it’s an easy way to keep up-to-date listings on more than 45 local search engines, directories and applications.

Localizing the Enterprise

In recent years, there’s been a large push toward the decentralization of big companies because new communication technology allows for a mobile workforce. For the enterprise business, it can be difficult to maintain a local presence in numerous places with employees and offices scattered across the country. Yext can help businesses take advantage of the power of local intent by adding more interesting content to listings to helps to engage the most interested customers — those in the community.

Yext can help save time and money by updating listings with one click, which can be especially useful for expanding businesses that want to build or maintain a local presence in many locations. Having accurate listings can help businesses cultivate new business relationships and show a more personalized, local face to the community, especially with features like a “Find a Store” tab.

The PowerListings+ services also provide tracking tools to allow businesses to engage quickly with customers on a local and national level. Review monitoring, precision search and email review notifications allow businesses of all sizes to see customer feedback in real time and quickly identify searches with specific terms or keywords that matter to the business.

Momentum uses Yext services to save time and to make sure our customers and partners have the most up-to-date, accurate information about our business. Check out our Yext page! Does it sound like something your company would use?

By: Victoria Fields