Written by on August 30, 2013
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Labor Day Hosted PBXLet’s face it: It’s getting increasingly more difficult to shutter the doors of your business completely during the holidays. These days, customers demand around-the-clock care, and if something urgent pops up—whether it’s on a weekday, weekend or holiday—they need your help to resolve that particular issue. And you’ve got to be there for them. Because if you’re not, there’s a good chance they’ll consider taking their business elsewhere.

But no one wants to work during the holidays. They’d rather spend time with their friends and family. Luckily because of modern communications tools—like hosted private branch exchanges (PBX)—employees that might find themselves working on holidays can do so from remote locations like their house or the houses of their families or friends. In this way, a sort of hybrid solution is reached where though the employee has to work, he or she has the benefit of being around his or her loved ones so that immediately after the shift ends, the celebration can begin.

Businesses deciding to implement a hosted PBX solution for their communication needs benefit from the flexibility that the system provides. By using one central calling platform, the system can be configured in such a way as to ensure that employees are able to be reached no matter where they are when a customer calls one phone number. This means that during the holidays, a customer can call the phone number and extension he or she is used to calling and the cell phone of an employee who’s at his parents’ house for Thanksgiving will ring. Although the employee is working from his parents’ house, the customer wouldn’t know the difference.

People need to be with their loved ones during the holidays for their wellbeing and mental health. Being alone during the holidays can result in depression. Employers should care about their employees’ general happiness, and from a business perspective, it’s important to realize that a depressed employee is an employee that’s not productive. By implementing a hosted PBX voice solution and unified communications tools, employers give their workers the power to surround themselves with loved ones during the holidays, despite having to work.

In addition to the flexibility that hosted PBX phone systems provide, companies that decide to employ the solution will enjoy substantial cost savings. Because the systems are hosted, your business won’t have to deal with the capital expenditures associated with acquiring it in the first place. On top of that, the third-party vendor from which you secure services will be tasked with maintaining the system, storing it and making sure it’s working properly. Finally, because calls are routed through the Internet, you’ll enjoy a cheaper phone bill, as long distance and international calls won’t cost nearly as much when compared to a legacy phone line.

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By: Dana Jaffe