Edgemarc Capabilities

In the Momentum Telecom Solution, the Session Border Controller is deployed as the demarcation point of service at the customer site and provides key features like Quality of Service (QoS), security, survivability and WAN link redundancy. This technology allows Momentum to provide measurement and call quality control down to the individual handset ensuring the customer’s service is performing to the highest level of standards.

Edgemarc Benefits

  • Security
  • Manage WAN Connectivity
  • Network Convergence
  • High Availability
  • Traffic Management / Routing / QoS
  • VLAN Voice Separation
  • Call Monitoring


Network and voice devices are protected by providing comprehensive security services such as a stateful packet inspection firewall, VoIP awareness, DoS and flood protection, trusted host connections, and 3DES, AES, SHA-1, MD-5 ciphers.

Manage WAN Connectivity

Momentum Telecom’s Network Operations Center (NOC) utilizes EdgeView and other technologies to monitor and capture key call quality statistics like jitter, packet loss and mean opinion scores (MOS) for every customer and location.

Network Convergence

Momentum’s network supports Ethernet, analog and multi-link bonded T1 interfaces for converged VoIP networks. Additionally, Momentum Telecom EdgeMarc routers can automatically switch to the secondary route if a communication failure is detected on the primary route—reducing the risk of the WAN link being the single point of failure.

High Availability

High Availability is designed to eliminate a single point of failure. High Availability uses the concept of a Primary and Secondary system with a heartbeat to define which system is active and which one is Idle. If the Active system is failing, then the Idle system becomes active automatically.

Traffic Management/Routing/QoS

Voice traffic is given guaranteed bandwidth, packet prioritization and data traffic shaping to deliver a higher quality of service than regular traffic.

VLAN Voice Separation

VLAN configurations allow connections to Ethernet switches to separate voice traffic from regular data traffic ensuring quality treatment of VoIP traffic.

Call Monitoring

Per call statistics measure the LAN and WAN traffic and all voice media passing through the system is evaluated with a MOS Score, which is a user’s view of the listening and conversational quality of the network.