About Us

Momentum Telecom empowers human connections through developing, streamlining and integrating cloud voice and cloud-based applications in order to enable others to thrive. An industry leader in customer experience, Momentum Telecom uses superior technology, a geo-redundant network and a nationwide network of more than 500 white label and channel partners to empower businesses to communicate better, faster and more efficiently. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Momentum Telecom has offices across the United States.


Momentum was founded in 2001 as a business phone and internet service provider named Momentum Business Solutions.

In 2005, Momentum began offering wholesale cloud voice solutions and telephone systems for businesses. This move ultimately led to the joining of Momentum and the other top provider of fully integrated data and voice services to broadband providers, Integrated Broadband Services (IBBS) in 2014. As the two companies merged, they became Momentum Telecom.

Momentum continued to expand its unified communications offerings and network in 2015 by completing a merger with award-winning and top unified communications provider, Alteva.

The company furthered its growth, offerings and technology, specifically in the area of network, by merging with three-time Inc. 5000 honoree CloudNet Group in 2018, Metro Optical and DCT Telecom in 2019, and Altus Technology in 2021.

Momentum’s continued growth and success can be credited to its unmatched customer experience, trusted geo-redundant network, expert workforce and transformationally powerful technology.