For more than 18 years, Momentum Telecom has been the leader of helping MSOs, providers, municipalities and electric co-ops to deliver the quality and reliable service needed to succeed in the marketplace.

With market-leading cloud voice and UCaaS plus a broad range of broadband provisioning, diagnostics and support services, it’s time for you to discover how Momentum services can enable you to thrive, ignite sales and drive revenue!

White Label Cloud Voice

Cloud Voice for Business is a telephony service, where an Intranet Private Branch Exchange (IPBX) is not placed in the company itself, but is provided from a server in a data center.

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RPX: Realtime Provisioning Explorer

Introducing RPX: Realtime Provisioning Explorer, Momentum Telecom’s service activation and management interface web portal for provisioning and managing all of your subscribers.

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BBX: Broadband Explorer

Proactively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues at all levels from a single platform. BBX enables providers to efficiently deploy, manage and expand advanced data services to residential and business subscribers through a single, integrated OSS platform. Gain deeper visibility into network dynamics, fix issues remotely and reduce the number of technicians dispatched to resolve one-off problems.

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BBX: Cable Diagnostic Expansion

As part of Momentum’s comprehensive management tool, BBX, Momentum has improved its BBX Diagnostics module that includes a wide range of reporting and access to information for helping networks run smoothly and to easily identify faults. BBX provides both individual and network-wide data in a way that is both easy to manage and easy to use.

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BBX: Fiber Expansion

As this industry continues to grow, so does the need for a way to effectively monitor, manage and troubleshoot fiber networks. While many tools used to manage broadband are not functional in a fiber environment, BBX has released the BBX Fiber Expansion to specifically bring all the benefits and data from BBX to fiber management.

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BBX: WiFi Expansion

This uptick in WiFi-related calls has shown that providing little to no service after installing a modem is no longer acceptable. The industry needs a tool capable of providing insight and, therefore, assisting in more helpful support.

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PNM: Proactive Network Maintenance

Momentum’s Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Analyzer uses DOCSIS pre-equalization technology to help cable operators proactively identify service impairments that would otherwise not be seen until customers are adversely affected.

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RF Upstream Analyzer

Cable operators can easily view the RF upstream spectrum for all customer data — not just a small sample or estimate like the competition — without having to hook up special test equipment, splitters or connectors. The RF Upstream Spectrum Analyzer lets you monitor your entire system 24/7 from anywhere — all without interrupting CMTS operation.

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Bandwidth Management

To aid mid-market cable and broadband providers in protecting their network investments and creating a superior end-user experience, Momentum offers Bandwidth Management. This comprehensive program empowers operators with new usage insights and tools so they may improve capacity planning, make strategic network investments and capitalize on over-the-top service trends.

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Network Operations Center

Your residential and commercial subscribers demand uptime, and the Momentum Network Operations Center helps you deliver. The Momentum NOC enables you to maintain optimal performance, achieve high service levels and deliver a quality experience. Leveraging our state-of-the-art systems, we help operators build, maintain and grow their networks.

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We understand that your network is the lifeline for your data and voice business. That’s why our Engineering experts work in collaboration with your team to design, manage and maintain network resources. This holistic approach ensures network fitness and flexibility for current quality service delivery and easy deployments of future advanced services.

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Momentum Customer Service

The Momentum Customer Care Center delivers the intelligent technical support that data and voice subscribers require. Equipped with Broadband Explorer (BBX), the award-winning provisioning and diagnostic suite, as well as an integrated ticketing system, our technical support representatives ensure quick and accurate resolution to subscribers’ issues.

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Billing Integration

Prevent revenue losses due to data integrity issues with our billing integration services. Designed to support voice and data service activations and subscriber updates, our integrations are 100% cloud based, scalable, and configured to meet your specific business processes needs.

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