Written by Beth Hildreth on November 20, 2018

What does day two look like after your service is set up?

There’s nothing quite like getting a shiny new toy. Whether it comes in the mail or you pick it up at the store, when you set the package on the counter, rip open the box and officially introduce your new treasure to the world.

The experience of a new toy isn’t vastly different from the experience of getting to use new technology. It’s new, fun and if there is some assembly required, there is a reasonable expectation that it includes detailed instructions along with the right tools and access to help, if you need it.

Not having those resources can be the difference between loving your new technology and hating it forever. Unfortunately, in today’s technology space, there is a wide array of companies that put all their efforts into gaining customers, but don’t consider what it’s like to use their products on day 2, let alone day 100 or day 1000.

At Momentum, we pride ourselves on the leading customer experience that starts during the sales processshines throughout implementation and extends beyond onboarding. It’s a holistic white-glove service that begins on the first day you engage with Momentum and lasts your entire customer journey.

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