Written by Beth Hildreth on October 24, 2018

What Momentum’s White-Glove Service Means for You

“White-glove” means marked by special care or attention1 . Companies often throw this term around, but rarely take the time to explain what it means for their company. And with good reason. White glove service can vary from a range of meanings from something slapped on marketing materials to the company’s very heartbeat.

At Momentum Telecom,  we have the industry’s best customer experience and the leading churn rate because at the core of everything we do is a firm white-glove approach. We believe this because we’re committed to enabling others to thrive and this design helps us deliver meaningful value through every step of the customer journey.

But when does our white-glove service begin? Our simple answer is: from the very beginning.

The moment you speak with a Momentum representative, your white-glove experience starts and this continues throughout the sales process, implementation, training, and ongoing support.
The experience’s first phase, the sales process, is uniquely highlighted by three characteristics:

Our sales process includes input from our sales management, solution design engineers (SDEs), operations, engineering and (most importantly) you! We do this because we value creating getting the right solution that works for your enterprise. All of these parties add a particular value to creating a solution that allows Momentum to achieve the optimal proposal to take each and every organization to the next level.

Data Collection
The Momentum team takes the time to ask and discover what the enterprise actually needs and what they want. On top of that, learning about the business processes and current network configurations helps create a solid understanding of the company’s network, processes and IT challenges.

Once we have engaged with the customer and collected data on their company’s needs and configurations, our team turns to our innovative product line to collaboratively build a customized and truly comprehensive communications solution designed to work for your company’s needs.

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