Written by Beth Hildreth on April 30, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

A cloud-based or virtual call center enables organizations of all sizes to benefit from business class communications with virtually no limitations. Specifically, virtual call centers offer features not typically afforded by traditional brick and mortar call centers such as easy scalability and fully customizable functions that fit a changing organizational landscape.

In the past, outdated platforms significantly hindered call center agents from delivering a satisfying customer experience as prolonged wait times and unclear answers to customer questions fueled customer dissatisfaction. To overcome these obstacles, the virtual call center model was introduced—a model that allows call center agents to work from many different locations.

Since its inception, the model has become increasingly ubiquitous, particularly since it allows companies to pull from a more geographically diverse agent base and to select the agents that are best suited for the organization. Moreover, customers can enjoy shorter wait times as calls are optimally routed to ensure that the ideal agent handles the incoming call the first time around.

The user-friendly management portals of today’s contact centers enhance agent availability, make call management much less complex and help supervisors to outline areas that demand improvement by closely monitoring every interaction occurring within their center.

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