Written by Pete Morano on January 25, 2013
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Cloud capabilities are rapidly advancing, and the days of premise-based call centers are coming to an end. Everything from customer data to telephony software is migrating to the cloud, transforming the way call centers are managed and operated. With the cloud, the call center is no longer a physical location; it’s a process that allows call center agents to work from anywhere and lets IT resources to be used more effectively.

Virtualized Call Centers: A Host of Benefits

When hosted or cloud contact center platforms were introduced to the marketplace, many enterprise corporations saw the new solution simply as a lower-cost version of an on-premise call center. Most often, small and mid-sized businesses adopted virtualized call center solutions just to save the expense of investing in expensive onsite equipment. What large businesses failed to recognize are the multi-faceted enhancements that a hosted solution can make to business processes at every level.

A virtual call center provides heightened remote access, centralized administration, personalized customer service and increased agent productivity. Call monitoring and reporting tools, quality assurance features,  tailored solutions and scalable, secure services come together to fit ever-changing business needs and provide faster, more efficient work.

While the traditional call center is housed in one location, hosted solutions are changing the way businesses operate, making it possible to have virtualized centers that allow employees to work from anywhere. Work-at-home agents can be geographically independent with cloud-based system, and can function beyond the limitations of a physical office with services that tie numbers to an individual — not just a specific desk phone. A virtual call center gives support teams with off-site employees, home workers and staff at multiple branches the tools to operate as a single unit.

Today, even enterprise corporations, along with SMBs, are migrating to the cloud because of its boundless benefits. Large-business accounts are increasingly making the switch to a hosted solutions as they realize the cost savings, ease of use and productivity gains associated with the cloud. All an employee needs is a web-enabled decide and an Internet connection to have communications up and running, which saves businesses the capital investment in the expensive call center infrastructure, equipment and licenses.

By hosting software systems in the cloud, virtual call center software and systems are updated instantaneously, which reduces the overall cost of operating the contact center. That means IT resources can be used in other capacities, because businesses can rely on a provider with years of experience to manage all aspects of service.

Additionally, virtualized centers offer the option to scale to meet the needs of any business. The cloud makes it simple to change, set up and deploy new lines as instantly as a change in call volume to accommodate business growth and development.

Into the Cloud: Calling Centers of the Future

Over the last several years, advances in call center technology, improvements in Internet speed and expanded bandwidth have fostered the growth and fueled the necessity for hosted calling solutions. The modernization of the call center makes it easier than ever to create a support system that works best for any individual organization. Cloud-based offerings support adaptable communications for an ever-changing business environment.

The contact center is most often the first contact a client will have with an organization. Top-notch business communication tools like a virtualized call center are the key to thriving customer relations and the future success of every business. Having a powerful call center in place can mean the difference between staying engaged with customers and keeping up in a fast-paced business world and falling behind. With automatic updates from the cloud, businesses that choose a hosted call center solution can rest assured that they are always equipped with the latest technology to tackle any business challenge that may arise.

The cloud is dramatically impacting the business agility of the contact center by maintaining the most up-to-date technology that will address market and customer demands. Click here to learn more about feature-rich, customizable call center solutions.