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Among the numerous reasons a virtual call center makes life easier for businesses of any kind, continuity is perhaps the most important. Cloud-based centers provided businesses peace of mind.

Virtual call centers take out the hassle of getting a system set up. A third-party system managing calls for your business, and additionally providing fast access to all the information necessary for monitoring an efficient system, means businesses can focus time and energy in other places.

But most importantly, dispersed business models will find reliability a driving force behind the decision to make the switch. By implementing a system that makes handling calls easier for agents on the go from around the world, businesses never need to worry about issues like whether there’s a power outage.

Should the electricity ever go out at the main center during something like a storm, calls, emails and web chats are automatically routed to the next, most appropriate center, and that includes home-based agents. Agents at the main center can also be sent home where connectivity might be available and continue to be productive through access to a virtual call center.

A virtual call center continues to monitor call lengths, provides administrators the ability to monitor calls, captures stats, provides the ability for managers to coach agents through a call and records conversations even through a main office dispersal. Virtual call centers provide a flexible business continuity solution for any business looking to save money, take advantage of virtual stat tracking and unchain their employees from their desks.

The Growing Market for Virtual Call Centers

With virtual call centers providing numerous benefits, from on-the-fly stat tracking to worldwide access, the industry has seen considerable growth, even through a recession.

In 2008, virtual call centers were a $400 million industry. Recent research predicts that same industry to reach a height of $1.5 billion by 2015, with no signs of slowing down as businesses of all sizes increasingly utilize the cost-saving solutions offered by virtual call centers.

Virtual call centers provide businesses with the ability to deploy solutions quickly, with no need for system upgrades and costly installation. With benefits like scalability, virtual centers provide businesses of any size the ability to monitor agents worldwide while offering the same resources and data like agent call tracking, length of call, speed of answer, agent coaching and more, all through the cloud.

With cloud-based contact center technology, agents are no longer restricted to a desk and are able to communicate and be productive from anywhere in the world.. Because of the affordability of the solution, virtual call centers are one of the most utilized options available for businesses seeking out answers for all their call tracking needs.

Virtual call centers continue to see increased use even through a financial downturn because the benefits provided make the option worth any business’ investment. The ability to take advantage of all the bonuses a virtual call center provides continue to drive growth through any financial climate.

Virtual call center solutions provide businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the most professional and state-of-the-art web-based services available while protecting the most important thing to any growing business: the bottom line.

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By: Dana Jaffe