Written by Beth Hildreth on September 22, 2016

The ongoing story of communications is tied to the evolution of technology. Understanding the story makes it easy to step back and make a decision regarding VoIP and Unified Communications (UC). Here are the factors that have made the VoIP, UC verdict a positive one:

Sunset of PSTN

In 2011, the Federal Communications Commission released a number of recommendations for the future of phone technology. Included in these recommendations is a note that the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) or the traditional landline will need to be retired in the near future, and that that the FCC should strive to accomplish this by 2018.

While the FCC remains hushed on the elimination of the PTSN, the telecom industry is preparing for this, and forward-thinking businesses would be wise to do the same.

A VoIP Pattern

What began as a few forward-thinking companies trying out a new technology has transformed into something that is so commonplace it wouldn’t be out of the norm to be talked about around a kitchen table. VoIP has officially moved from a trend to a pattern, and the statistics back it up.

The number of users of VoIP increased by 20% in 2013. (Source) Within a year, 56% percent of enterprises and 66% of small-to-medium-sized business plan to implement or upgrade UC Solutions (Source). VoIP and Unified Communications is the technology of tomorrow that is available today, and more and more companies are beginning to utilize it in order to gain a competitive advantage in their field.


VoIP and UC save money in a number of ways. By reducing costly system updates, keeping attorneys more connected with their offices and clients and eliminating support costs, VoIP and Unified Communications deliver savings in a tangible way.

In addition to cost savings, Unified Communications creates savings through making more efficient use of time. A recent study showed that many employees saved up to 20 minutes daily by using UC to reach workers on the first try. These same employees saved an additional 20 minutes through utilizing UC’s efficient message management. (Source). In a world where time is money, having an extra 40 minutes in your work day could result in a huge revenue boost.

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