Written by Beth Hildreth on May 30, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Youth today are accustomed to smartphones and tablet devices and expect to have instant access to any information they are seeking — anytime, anywhere. And visionary educators are beginning to realize this notion is something which should extend into the classroom for both an educational and financial benefit.

As administrators navigate a climate of increasingly tightened school budgets, leveraging a students’ already purchased device—one to which he or she has grown accustomed—can help expedite the educational process without causing an adverse financial impact. With the rise of the BYOD movement, schools are beginning to realize how unified communications solutions can enhance their level of instruction and supplement their students’ learning. If the devices are already there, why not harness their capabilities and use them to move the educational frontier forward?

With unified communications, students can remain in touch with their classmates, project partners and teachers without having to be in the same physical proximity as them. If a student has a question for his teacher, for example, he or she can check an instant messaging tool’s presence feature to determine whether that teacher is available, and if so, send him or her a quick message and get a timely response. Similarly, students working together on a project can connect via video conferencing after school hours from the comfort of their own homes. As productivity increases, so too does education.

Schools across the country are embracing the BYOD movement and the possibilities it enables. For example, a physics teacher in Ohio records her lectures as podcasts. When she’s helping a certain group of students with something and another group has questions, she directs them to her podcast until she’s free to help.

“There’s never an excuse to be idle,” she says, “because there’s always information available.”

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