Written by on August 6, 2013
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Unified Communications HealthYour employees are your greatest assets. Without them, there’s no telling where your company would be. You schedule routine maintenance on your computing infrastructure because you want to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible, that it’s as healthy as can be.

Because your employees are the backbone of your business, it’s even more important to make sure they’re as healthy as can be. The healthier the employee, the happier and more productive he or she will be.

According to a recent study, the employee turnover rate at psychologically healthy workplacesis nine percent, compared to 41 percent at average workplaces. Employees working at psychologically healthy workplaces are also:

  • More likely to be satisfied (73 percent to 65 percent)
  • More likely to recommend your business as a good place to work (67 to 54 percent)
  • Less likely to be stressed (30 percent to 41 percent)
  • Less likely to seek employment elsewhere (12 percent to 31 percent)

In addition to instituting wellness programs—those which cost employers an average of $144 per employee per year, while reducing health costs by $358 per employee per year—business owners can implement technological solutions that also help improve employees’ overall health. One such solution is the integration of unified communications into your company’s business arsenal.

Unified communications solutions have the ability to help ease the potential stress levels of your employees. Rather than forcing employees who work in different locations to drive to a central location for a meeting—forcing them to deal with the stress associated with traffic—a unified communications suite featuring video conferencing tools enables them to connect remotely and still be productive.

Video conferencing offers employees the ability to see each other while they’re communicating so they don’t miss out on nonverbal context cues. By giving your employees these tools, you’re setting them up to succeed while helping take away some stress out of their lives.

Business owners that employ remote workers can also improve the state of mind of their employees with unified communications tools that allow them to remain connected to their coworkers despite being separated by physical distances.

According to the Mayo Clinic, human relationships can increase your sense of belonging, boost your happiness, reduce your stress, improve your self worth, help you cope and encourage you to give up unhealthy lifestyle habits.  With instant messaging and presence features, employees will be able to remain in constant contact with their coworkers, helping build camaraderie while freeing remote workers from the isolation that can oftentimes be associated with working remotely.

Momentum offers an extensive suite of unified communications tools which is sure to bolster your company’s efficiency and productivity while helping improve the quality of life for your employees by reducing their stress and helping them socialize. To read more about how the company’s solution can benefit your business, click here.

By: Dana Jaffe