Written by Beth Hildreth on March 28, 2017
Categories: Blog Posts

In today’s constantly changing world, the technological landscape is progressing in at a rate that is unparalleled in our lifetimes. This rapid progression is having profound effects on the cable industry as we know it. So how can we as an industry ensure that we are capitalizing on these advancements to provide the best services possible to our customers?

One of the most powerful advances in the cable industry has been the ability to proactively monitor a network. Monitoring the upstream and downstream of a network provides a clearer picture into the network’s health and enables operations to be sure their network is performing at highest possible levels. However, while monitoring upstream is somewhat common, providers often overlook opportunities for monitoring downstream, even though monitoring downstream can supply vital information that has a real impact on a network’s effectiveness and reliability. Monitoring downstream provides an increased insight into your network that pays dividends in four tangible ways.

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