Written by Beth Hildreth on July 5, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

Customer service should certainly be top of mind for every business. Today, 60 percent of consumers believe that companies have not taken steps to improve their customer service. While this statistic may seem staggering, it presents a unique opportunity for businesses to step up their customer service game and turn wary customers into loyal brand proponents. It’s time to think outside the box, like utilizing a video conferencing solution.

Providing unparalleled customer service is a proven way to retain customers, gain new prospects and differentiate your company from competitors. In fact, 70 percent of Americans are willing to spend 13 percent more on a company that provides excellent customer service, according to an American Express Global Customer Service report. However, there’s more to great customer service than having a sunny disposition and patience. Today, companies are tasked with coming up with new, unique ways to bolster their customer service – including the use of video conferencing.

Talking to a customer representative can be so impersonal at times. You often wonder: “Who is the voice behind the phone?” Moreover, doing business with someone in London when you live in Texas can lack the intimacy that comes with doing business in your same state. But, by leveraging this technology, companies can enjoy actual face time with customers without having to be in the same physical spot, which is oftentimes very rare.

Enterprise collaboration solutions have many business operations benefits that can be applied to customer service, one of which is maintaining a personal connection. While a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? Double? Triple? With video chat functionality, companies can connect with clients anywhere around the world and can see one another’s facial expressions and body language, making business calls feel more personal and familiar.

Besides being able to personally connect with target audiences more easily, enterprise collaboration applications can help solve consumer service issues faster and more efficiently. According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 82 percent of consumers ranked quick resolution as a top element of a great online experience, followed by resolving a problem in one interaction (56 percent), dealing with a friendly customer service representative (45 percent) and having the ability to follow-up with the same representative if necessary (37 percent). With the right tools, these elements can be easily achieved. Instead of getting the typical customer service “run around,” consumers are able to speak directly, face to face, with a representative that can immediately rectify an issue.

Video technologies don’t have to be used traditionally. For example, one company decided to respond to customers commenting on the company’s Facebook page by personally thanking customers for the feedback, whether it was positive or negative, via a short YouTube clip. The results were astoundingly positive. Taking a unique approach to customer service through the use of video conferencing can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal of customer service tactics.

Not only is it a cost effective technology solution, but it is also a way to directly communicate with your customers and separate your company from the competition. So what’s stopping you? Here’s a challenge: try hosting your next product launch via video communications.