Written by Beth Hildreth on May 30, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

With the potential of video conferencing, today’s professionals have the ability to collaborate and interact with clients and peers no matter where they might find themselves when a meeting occurs.

The video conferencing platform provides an outlet through which innovation can flourish. Implementing the technology also saves businesses money and enables companies to utilize the talent of all their employees even if they work in offices across the country or around the world.

In order to get the most out of a video conference, it’s important to set yourself up for success. If you’re hosting a video conference, follow these three simple tips and tricks to ensure a seamless, productive session:

· Secure the premises: First thing’s first: Make sure all the equipment is working prior to launching the conference—the connections, the cameras, the microphones, the lighting. You don’t want anything to delay the conference once everyone is ready to go.

· Listen and learn: Video conferencing solutions come with recording features, so you’re able to watch and listen to previous sessions in their entirety. Make a note of some things you could have done differently so you don’t repeat them and improve future presentations.

· Make it interactive: Engage your audience through instant messaging, live polling and question and answer sessions. Picking the collective brain of your audience will make them feel more involved in the conference. A more attentive audience means the time spent conferencing is well spent.

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