Written by Beth Hildreth on June 11, 2021

If you’re searching for ways to make a remote or hybrid work environment a success, there are four technologies that allow you to stop your search. A hybrid work environment needs high-quality, cloud-based communications and collaboration technology. The key is making remote workers feel like they haven’t left the office behind.

1. Cloud Voice

Cloud voice and unified communications are solutions that easily enable your business to migrate your communications infrastructure to the cloud. You gain several tools to support hybrid workers and team environments. Remote workers and teams can be configured with local telephone numbers that help your clients recognize your calls. Collaboration is easier with group audio and video calls, and incoming calls can be transferred to a remote worker easily.

2. Voice-enabled Microsoft Teams

Many businesses have found that Microsoft Teams is an effective way to promote collaboration. When you deploy Microsoft Teams with direct-routing Momentum voice services, you automatically have access to a set of advanced features that increase the productivity of your hybrid workforce. These advanced capabilities go beyond what is available with Microsoft’s voice service enabling you to take full advantage of the Momentum unified communications platform and integrations such as call recording and voice analytics. 

Rather than using several applications, your workforce will use one application for conversations, meetings, and calls. Since Teams is integrated into Office 365, you’ll have enterprise-grade security and compliance – and with the addition of Momentum’s cloud voice platform, you’ll also be able to integrate other services such as a contact center and call reporting. It’s a marriage that will bring your collaboration capabilities to a new level.


Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is just one of the network solutions you can deploy for your business in order to optimize your bandwidth. It’s especially useful for a hybrid work environment because it lets remote workers work as if they’re in the office.

Before remote work became so prevalent, someone who wasn’t in the office could use a home internet connection to access some applications. When employees started working remotely every day, the use of their home internet didn’t always provide the connectivity or security they needed. Simplified SD-WAN hardware is available to let remote workers securely access a high-speed broadband network.

4. Managed Networks

Businesses everywhere struggle to protect themselves from cyber threats, and adding remote workers to the mix only makes the issue more complex. In addition, with restricted budgets and difficulty finding experienced IT staff members, the security of the network is often less than optimal.

You can increase your bandwidth and strengthen your cyber security with managed network solutions from Momentum Telecom. You’ll have a team of experts who give the same type of support to remote workers and in-office employees. Another advantage is that you can easily scale up to address your organization’s changing needs.

Momentum Can Help

Momentum offers a wide range of services, including cloud voice, Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams, SD-WAN, mobility services, and much more. We work with you to define a high quality and unified user experience across multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems. Our Solution Design Engineers are focused on understanding your existing operations and your goals to identify solutions that will help your company beat the competition.

Our objective is to help you with all of your communications needs, and you can learn more about how we accomplish that by reviewing real-life case studies that describe the challenges our customers have faced, and how we worked together to resolve them.

Momentum’s extensive carrier-neutral cloud is interconnected with more than 300 carriers and cloud solutions providers that include AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Google, AWS, and more. One connection with Momentum gives you access to multiple and diverse global connectivity options. Having implemented thousands of solutions globally, you can count on our team of experts to get the job done within both scope and budget.

You can use high-quality, cloud-based communications and collaboration technology to amplify your hybrid workforce and increase your competitive advantage. To get started today, contact the experts at Momentum.