Written by Beth Hildreth on January 29, 2021

Anyone who follows Momentum Telecom on social media will have noticed a particular theme that took shape in January. As a proud partner of the Cleveland Browns, we cheered on their historic playoff run (and perfect timing for our first Momentum Moment of 2021!). Their memorable season inspired us to take a closer look at the qualities winning teams have in common – both on the field and in the realm of communications solutions.

A Strong Offense Limits Interference

Growth. Progress. Impact. In a business context, these words are synonymous with a strong offense. And just like in any game, there’s more to advancing down the field than simply having possession. All the moving parts – from sales and support, to research and development – must work in sync for a product or service to score with customers. But even the best plays won’t connect if technology is running interference.

According to a July 2020 study produced by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, more than 80 percent of respondents said that the technology used in their workplaces “significantly impacted” their individual performances. Among “good” employees, more than 70 percent said that the technology available to them influenced their decision to stay with or leave their current employer. Tools and platforms that improve communication and engagement ranked particularly high.

Take voice solutions, for example. A legacy phone system might still work, but it also might be limiting the potential of the entire team, from working collaboratively to business continuity. Adapting to the cloud, however, opens  up new passing routes down a field of play no longer solely defined by the office.

The Best Defense Thinks Inside-Out

In a technology sense, defense usually makes us think of firewalls and network security – basically, anything dedicated to tackling outside threats before they emerge.

But it can also mean having a strong back-up for data and connectivity. If one location or connection point goes down, another can seamlessly take its place. Without this georedundancy, though, business could instantly grind to a halt.

Being knocked offline isn’t merely inconvenient – it can also deliver a hard hit to the bottom line. A June 2020 report on data protection trends found that one hour of downtime could cost a business roughly $70,000. No wonder, then, that business continuity and disaster recovery planning have become a hot topic.

Georedundancy isn’t just about defense, though. When your business has confidence in its back-up, you’re more confident to go on the offense toward growth and new opportunities – even more so when you have a strong team behind your network.

Special Teams Seal the Deal

Like defense, ‘special teams’ has two definitions when talking about unified communications. Both are essential components to a strong offense focused on efficiency and growth.

The first option sees a voice solution as the foundation for the bigger picture of a winning team’s communication needs. What other solutions and features can help bring out the best in how an overall team works? The ability to collaborate via voice and video, leverage a cloud-based contact center, or easily scale up a data network all put valuable extra points on the board.

The second option expands this picture further, extending the focus to industry partners. These highly specialized teams connect customers to the best solutions that fit their needs, creating a win-win of new business for the partner and the technology supplier. Most importantly, however, is the ultimate win for the customer when these new solutions position them to pursue greater success. (Momentum recently added to our all-star partner roster – our press release shares more.)

One-Size-Fits-All Playbooks Don’t Work for Winning Teams

Ask anyone at Momentum to describe what we do, and you may be surprised by the answer. Sure, we’re a technology company, but that’s only part of our story. What truly drives us is enabling others to thrive through our voice and network solutions. And each of our customers has their own path to achieving this.

We take the same approach, too, in working with and supporting our customers. Instead of a one-size-fits-all (or go-it-alone) philosophy, we create a unique playbook for each Momentum customer. We actively engage and consult with our customers during the sales process to understand network requirements, challenges, and expectations. During implementation, we then couple this knowledge with a white-glove approach so that our customers are up-and-running with the best user experience. And finally, we carry this through with our training and support.

Scout for Success

Winning teams – both on the field and in the market – have a lot in common. Strength, talent, and determination are just a few attributes that spring to mind. But these teams share something else in common. They are never satisfied with the status quo. That’s why they’re always scouting for the next marquee talent or blockbuster product.

In just the last year, Momentum’s scouting of new solutions has already added new MVPs to an industry-leading lineup. Our customers have a powerful new option for voice-enabled collaboration, and we’re revolutionizing how we deliver our network services. Meanwhile, we added to our ever-expanding trophy case, including product-of-the-year recognition for unified communications and SD-WAN.

Legendary teams, though, have an additional quality that carries them through the long run – resilience. Over the past year, Momentum’s solutions have helped our customers – and our own team members – adapt to uncertainty and unpredictability to keep advancing down the field. As 2021 takes shape, we hope everyone can realize a winning season.

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