Written by Beth Hildreth on November 7, 2018

Drop-ship and self-install? No way!

As we talked about in our previous post, white-glove service has a range of definitions for many companies, but Momentum leads the way in delivering on a true white-glove promise that starts right at the very beginning with the sales process.

Once an organization signs on the dotted line and officially becomes a customer, the implementation phase begins. This is where many providers take a back seat and let USPS along with the company’s IT team or an outsourced and unprepared third-party handle getting the equipment to the office and up and running.

That isn’t even close to white-glove service; it’s barely service. In fact, you probably expect better service at your local fast food joint.

And the Momentum experience during implementation couldn’t be any more different.

Every Momentum implementation is assigned to a team of highly trained professionals that are then responsible for facilitating and managing the migration of new clients onto Momentum’s platform.

During this phase, every individual’s goal is to implement the customized unified communications solution as quickly, thoroughly, and cost-effectively as possible.

One of the ways we do this at Momentum is by assigning a dedicated project manager and providing an onboarding overview that details the process, including service and equipment order confirmations, points of contact, and a guide to roles and responsibilities.

While everyone is a little different, here is an overview of a standard implementation:

The implementation phase is where Momentum shines because it directly ties into our mission of enabling others to thrive. Momentum stands out in the marketplace as the leader in customer experience because our company is committed to the customer’s success and doing whatever it takes to see each customer achieve new heights.

Does the white-glove service stop? Never!
Find out how in the next post.