Written by Pete Morano on December 11, 2012
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For those prone to losing their car keys or the TV remote, there’s good news. A group of developers have created tiny Bluetooth location stickers that track down the items you’re most likely to misplace.

The Stick-N-Find stickers use Bluetooth low-energy technology to sync with a smartphone app that locates any device, person or animal with a tag. The stickers are the size of a quarter, have a range of about 100 feet and use a standard watch battery that lasts for around a year.

You can attach the stickers to objects that you lose frequently and the app’s radar screen will show all of the articles within range. Based on the Bluetooth signal strength, the app can display your the approximate distance from the item and let you know if you’re moving closer or further away from it.

The virtual game of Marco Polo can be very useful for someone who frequently misplaces a Kindle, their glasses case or any number of items. You can also tap the item on the sticker and page it to buzz, light up or do both for items lost in the dark like a misplaced TV remote between couch cushions or keys at the bottom of a purse.

For lost items out of the 100-foot range, the “Find It” feature will alert you on your smartphone when the item comes back into range. The developers say the stickers are also handy for finding a lost car in the parking lot.

“You could stick it in your car and find it in a parking lot or on the street, even if it’s covered in snow,” said Stick-N-Find creator Jim Buchheim. “If you still can’t find it, the ‘Find It’ feature will alert you when your car is within range.”

Stick-N-Find not only keeps tabs on lost things — it can monitor kids and pets. The “Virtual Leash” feature lets users set an alert for objects that move farther away than the specified range. This is perfect for making sure pets don’t wander too far from the house or for sticking on a shoe to monitor where kids are in the grocery store or on the playground.

The only thing Stick-N-Find can’t help you locate is, of course, your smartphone. But developers say you could use another smartphone or tablet to help you find the one you lost. The stickers work with iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy.

The group behind the project is currently raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign. With a little over a month left to go, the developers have already raised more than twice their original goal of $70,000. Backers who are interested in supporting the project can continue to give through Monday, January 14 and have first dibs on the Bluetooth tags. The developers expect to release the first batch of Stick-N-Find stickers by March 2013.

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