Today’s fast-paced world makes quality paramount for operators wanting to succeed in their markets. For more than 17 years, Momentum Telecom has been the leader of helping MSOs, providers, municipalities and co-ops deliver premier service that is unrivaled, technologically advanced and efficient.

We take pride in our mission to enable you to Thrive and have created our solution set of voice, data and support services to give you the opportunity to use any of these to ignite your sales and drive revenue.

White Label Cloud Voice

Today, hosted voice is one of the largest growing segments in the US economy. Last year alone, the industry added 11+ million lines and almost hit the $100 billion revenue mark nationwide. This is due to the current business environment demanding that voice communications systems do more than facilitate conversation. They need to be a conduit to customers, a catalyst for reducing costs, an agent of efficiency and mobilizer of employees.

With our hosted voice, you can offer residential service along with a business solution that fosters flexible, collaborative environments capable of supporting employees regardless of location. And since it’s a fully-managed, cloud-based solution, the solution can grow with you and your customers without the capital expense of owning and maintaining premise-based equipment.

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Broadband Management

Momentum has the leading platform for deploying, managing and expanding advanced data services to residential and business subscribers. With Broadband Explorer (BBX), you have a complete OSS solution that delivers the best possible service to you and your subscribers.

BBX enables your operation to efficiently proactively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues at all levels. The byproduct of these insights provides a deeper visibility into network dynamics, an ability fix issues remotely and a reduction in the number of technicians dispatched to resolve one-off problems.

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Support Services

The ultimate success and bottom line of any service will always be tied to the support that is provided for that service. Finding, training and managing a support staff that is knowledgeable, available, trained, responsive and professional can become a very labor intensive effort. But, support shouldn’t be the thing standing between you and growth.

For this reason, we designed Momentum’s Support Services to deliver the technical expertise that your subscribers need. From our 24/7 U.S.-based call center, our support team can represent your company to your residential and business customers with the highest level of expertize, ticketing and reporting and extensive knowledge of your service.

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RPX: Realtime Provisioning Explorer

Introducing RPX: Realtime Provisioning Explorer, Momentum Telecom’s service activation and management interface web portal for provisioning and managing all of your subscribers.
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