Don’t be left wondering what your strategy will be after a disaster strikes. Be prepared and proactive by planning now for how your business will handle a man-made or natural disaster. With Momentum Telecom’s solutions you will receive built-in business continuity and disaster recovery options. Not having a back-up plan should not be a concern for your business.

Momentum Telecom’s Hosted Voice and Unified Communications services employ multiple options for business continuity and disaster recovery including connectivity failover, flexible routing options and a resilient backbone and network infrastructure.

Momentum’s VoIP Platform

Momentum’s Broadsoft platforms deliver disaster recovery protection for your business communications with paired Broadsoft hosted PBX switches in geographically redundant carrier-class data centers leveraging self-healing fiber optic ring networks. This pairing offers high-availability by utilizing session border controller clustering. Local and geographic server redundancy provides zero downtime on upgrades and repairs.

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  • Once the PSTN bound call is negotiated by Momentum, the media can be setup directly from the customer’s IP address to the IP address of the closest Media Gateway to where the call needs to terminate. Media/RTP is direct from customer and does not need to relay off of Momentum’s cloud PBX infrastructure.
  • For local network calls, the media can stay inside the local network which allows for internal extension to extension dialing. The media can also be released locally so international locations can be deployed in the same phone environment with little latency.
  • For customers that use Momentum-provided or Level3-provided T1’s/DS3/Ethernet Internet, the traffic never leaves the Level3 MPLS backbone infrastructure, therefore never reaching the “public” internet. However, Momentum is able to ride on public internet (Non-Momentum T1s to the net, dsl, cable, etc.) for backup and primary locations of smaller size. Momentum’s recommended voice appliance (EdgeMarc) does inbound/outbound QoS as it sits in front of the customer data network. It manages downstream QoS via TCP bandwidth availability management. The voice appliance may act as a primary firewall or be proxy ARP/bridge mode where it only is concerned with the voice communications so that voice/data can converge on the same transport or circuit without issues.
  • The voice appliance (EdgeMarc) does SIP server redundancy to manage registration of phones to primary and secondary sites. The appliance would automatically failover to secondary location.
  • In case of an outage at the customer site, the voice appliance can failover the WAN to a secondary Internet connection or can even failover to analog lines via FXO ports. In this configuration, it allows for 3 physically diverse connections to the outside world, which is much more robust than a typical premise based PBX.

Data Backup Benefits

Momentum’s Data Platform

Momentum’s email infrastructure is architected with the highest levels of redundancy and scalability in mind. The core components are spread across clustered databases and servers that are replicated live via Momentum’s virtual (VMWare) server infrastructure. Additionally, Momentum is running ongoing backup procedures throughout the day to establish multiple restore points daily at the individual mailbox, as well as mail store and server levels. This type of infrastructure is only available from carriers and service providers that truly understand and embrace the importance of reliable communications.

Disaster Services

Components of a Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Momentum Hosted Business Voice – geographically redundant voice solution designed for 99.9999% reliability in the core
  • Momentum SIP Trunks – add redundancy for your premise PBX with services provided from an to multiple cloud systems
  • Momentum Anywhere – enable your workforce to utilize the voice services from anywhere.
  • Momentum Mobility with Messenger – redundant solutions for instant messaging and presence, and softphones to enable facility access in an emergency
  • Microsoft Exchange – access Momentum hosted email from a web browser and your mobile devices, as well as from your office computer
  • Microsoft Lync – Instant messaging, presence and mobile soft phone client
  • Momentum Receptionist Console – direct calls to home numbers, cell phones or other locations with ease.

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