Momentum Telecom’s contact center platforms help businesses increase sales, profitability and market share. You’ll get a customized cloud solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware or software.

Unlike existing on-premise call center capabilities often hosted and managed by the customer, Momentum’s Contact Center Solutions are a true purpose-built cloud-based solution that each provide advanced capabilities capable of leveraging all the functionality of our platform, and are completely supported by the cloud and Momentum’s dedicated support team.


Use cutting-edge technology to reimagine your approach to customer contact and customer experience. Through the integration of data and an omni-channel approach, you can use a unified environment to manage and optimize all of customer interactions.

ContactOne takes a contact center from a “requirement” to a corporate asset that delivers profits, higher customer satisfaction and reduced churn.


Hosted Call Center

Momentum Telecom’s Hosted Call Center uses the cloud to keep you in contact with the world and your customers. Without the investment for expensive hardware or software, Hosted Call Center gives you the tools to build revenue and your business.

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Partner with two of the leading voice and contact center providers. By choosing to work with Momentum and inContact, you can be sure you’re using the latest in contact center technology and software.

For additional reliability and Momentum and inContact have built a dedicated, redundant MPLS connections between the companies’ data centers.

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