Maintaining a stable, efficient and economical voice and data network is critical to the success of any broadband business. Through the industry’s most powerful integrated platform, Momentum Telecom delivers a complete OSS solution that brings the best possible service to you and your subscribers.

Broadband Explorer (BBX) provides cable operators and municipalities throughout the U.S. with complete network management and top-notch monitoring, provisioning and managed support for broadband and voice services. Automated migration tools ensure a quick and seamless transition for your entire broadband subscriber base, regardless of size, with zero downtime.

Our broadband management solution delivers reliable technology on a modular, ever-enhancing platform. Momentum’s redundant clustered network servers paired with our Tier 1, Tier 2 and NOC support guarantee quality service and operational excellence.

Count on our expertise and technology for maximum efficiency and cost savings. With Momentum Telecom’s BBX platform, you can leverage our entire suite of award-winning Service Assurance tools to optimize network performance and offer an improved quality of customer service.

Subscribers can employ our intuitive user interface to:

  • Check modem status and out-of-spec situations with color-coded Smart Mapping
  • Monitor the health of network and customer cable modems side by side
  • Utilize diagnostic tools to quickly identify and alleviate network issues
  • View comprehensive, real-time, historical core network, and subscriber reporting analytics
  • Set customized quality of service thresholds to meet needs of cable plants
Advanced Network Insights

Advance Network Insights

BBX gives providers at-a-glance diagnostics tools such as Customer Live View to quickly check service levels and device performance. Connection history via reports and device resets are easily managed from the interface. Subscriber mapping and reports such as SNR summary and Outage allow personnel to diagnose where issues reside — whether at the subscriber, street, head end or enterprise-level. Advanced capabilities include:

  • Real-time flexible reports
  • User-friendly diagnostic tools for RF and IP issue assesment
  • Corrective plant maintenance and planning reports
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  • Access to Call Center and Network Operations Center (NOC) reports
  • Integrated trouble ticketing, CSR decision and dispatch support for quick issue resolution
  • Fully integrated with Google Maps

Improve Accountability

Improve Accountability

  • Gain access to role-based reports and views to quickly diagnose issues, review service levels and create tickets.
  • Historic benchmarks in the system via BBX Birth Certificates provide a snapshot of service health over time for easier troubleshooting and technician accountability.

Take Control of Circuit Capacity

Take Control of Circuit Capacity


Overage data reports help identify the small percentage of subscribers who use disproportionate amounts of bandwidth.


Report data can be exported from BBX and then used in billing systems or other programs.


BBX Bandwidth Xcelerator gives subscribers a temporary “boost” in speed.


View service levels, including time-based graphs for each head-end. Sort and analyze circuit health by location and service activity.


Analyze individual subscriber issues with Customer Live View, including historic graphs and birth certificates, and expand your view to the CMTS with one click.

Broadband Explorer

Broadband Explorer

Insights into network performance and tools to efficiently address challenges when they arise, give broadband providers the opportunity to improve all aspects of operations. Advanced diagnostics and reporting give providers the ability to transform the bottom line and the customer experience. Broadband providers who deploy BBX Diagnostics & Reporting have the ability to:

  • Reduce costly truck rolls
  • Implement installation metrics
  • Improve technician accountability
  • Monitor installation trends, performances and variances
  • Manage circuit capacity
  • Improve subscriber satisfaction

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