Written by Pete Morano on January 18, 2013
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The Italian tech company i’m Spa recently released their latest tech gadget, i’m Watch, a touchscreen smart watch that lets users make and take calls, listen to music and take notes, all without using their smartphone directly. Instead, the watch syncs with a mobile device, using smartphone’s communications capabilities as an infrastructure to control the mobile device and enter commands through the watch’s touchscreen.

i’M Watch connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth technology and displays calls, SMS messages, e-mails, social media alerts and notifications from calendars from the connected smartphone. The watch is hands-free, allowing users answer calls on speakerphone, even if their smartphone is in another location.

According to a recent article in Barron’s, the company had to slightly rethink the premise of touch, because gestures designed for smartphone don’t work the same way on the smaller screen of a wrist watch. For example, users have to shake their wrist to tell the watch to reject an incoming call.

i’m Spa has also developed the i’market app store in conjunction with the watch that lets users download and install hundreds of apps for the watch to perform a number of functions, from games to business communications. A compass sets users in the right direction while the watch’s accelerometer can tell runners how fast they’re moving. External sensors can access pedometers, heart-rate monitors and dozens of other sensors to improve health and track workout progress.

The watch was born from a Kisckstarter project more than a year ago, and today, the device uses the i’m Driod 2 smartwatch operating system to make calls, and can be purchased with i’m Here, a tiny GPS tracking device that lets users trace the i’m Here’s position through the cloud with a smartphone app. The i’m Here app provides the coordinates of the device’s location, which can be useful for keeping track of kids or pets, much like Stick-N-Find, a Bluetooth location stickers that syncs with a smartphone app that locates any device, person or animal with a tag.

The company boasts that the watch is engineered and built entirely in Italy, both hardware and software. i’m Watch is sold in a variety of styles, including a Color Collection with colored bands, a Tech Collection with a titanium band, and a Jewel Collection, which has gemstones in the strap. i’m Watch is expected to retail at $160.

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Photo credit: Flickr
By: Victoria Fields