Voice Enabled Lync

Momentum Telecom’s Voice-Enabled (VE) Lync delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that brings together different modes of communication into a single interface. This unified experience facilitates rapid user adoption, while the ability to support a full range of communications from a single platform reduces both capital and operational costs.

Easily Find and Communicate with Your Contacts

Momentum’s VE Lync helps users find the right person to connect with, view their presence, and then communicate with them in the most effective way—via chat, video, or sharing a desktop or application.

Voice-enabled Lync

Enterprise Quality Voice & Features

Take advantage of Momentum’s enterprise quality voice platform and advanced features such as CRM Integration, Voicemail Transcription and more. Users are able to maintain the reliable, high quality voice service that Momentum provides while utilizing the convenience of Voice Enabled Lync.

Momentum’s Voice Enabled Lync Features

MS O365 Voice Enabled Lync Momentum Hosted Voice Enabled Lync
Call Center
Supervisor Client X
Agent Client X
Advanced Reporting/Analytics X
Advanced Routing
Call Recording X
InContact Integration X
Enterprise Voice Features
Quality of Service (QOS) X
Call Forwarding X
Find Me – Follow Me X X
Simultaneous Ring X X
Remote Office X
Momentum Anywhere X
Call Forward Unreachable X
Auto Attendant X
Hunt Groups X
Line Management X
Group Call Pickup X X
Basic Call Control
(Hold, transfer, conference)
Paging/Intercom X
Hoteling X
Administrative Portal X
24X7 US Based Admin Support X
Session Border Controller (SBC) X

Skype for Business Integration with Microsoft Office

MS Office & Office 365 Integration

Momentum’s Voice Enabled Lync works with Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office applications for a richer collaborative experience. Already have Microsoft Office 365? No worries, maintain your licenses and move them to Momentum to take advantage of our combined service* for a more affordable and robust solution.

Voice-Enabled Lync laptop
Desktop Client
Lync iPhone
Mobile Client

Voice Enabled Lync Business Architecture

Momentum’s Hosted Voice Enabled Lync for Business Architecture

Momentum’s unique hosted architecture allows your Voice Enabled Lync client to be fully integrated with the Momentum voice platform. This allows users to take full advantage of Enterprise features not enabled on Microsoft provided Voice Enabled Lync. These features include Quality of Service (QOS) monitoring, Call Forwarding, Momentum Anywhere and many more.

Lync Business Architecture

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Skype for Business Geo-redundant Network

Momentum’s Redundant Network

Take advantage of Momentum’s redundant, High Availability, multi-tenant infrastructure to give you the secure and flexible solution your business requires.

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