Your business depends on your network and your connection is vital for generating revenue, communicating with customers, accessing business applications, coordinating with suppliers and achieving success. Ensuring those connections are operating at peak performance, without interruption, 24/7/365 is critical.

Enter SD-WAN: Software-Defined Wide Area Networking.

What is SD-WAN?

By definition, SD-WAN adds a layer of intelligence for real-time visibility and control over network and application performance.

In practice, SD-WAN overcomes the performance challenges of using internet connections for critical business applications. That means you can boost your bandwidth with widely available, low-cost broadband, and, in the process, take your enterprise to the next level with a more dynamic, versatile and innovative configuration.

The Momentum Difference

Your Business Advantage With SD-WAN

Not every business or network is the same, so we’ve designed a suite of SD-WAN solutions to fit the unique requirements of your environment or application. Unlike other providers, we do this by leveraging the best-available connections – not only fiber or copper circuits, but also Wi-Fi and even LTE wireless in locations where wired bandwidth is scarce or slow to deploy. Our top-end solution, powered by Peplink appliances, offers up to nine types of connectivity in order to best suit your business’ needs.


  • Business Continuity
    Ensure your vital connections are up and running even if your primary network goes down.
  • Speed to Market
    Source wireless networks to connect your remote location, temporary office or new build in days not weeks.
  • Secure Transactions
    Leverage 256-bit AES encryption and virtual private networking (VPN) across multiple WAN links.
  • Seamless Communications
    With our top-line solutions, your voice and video calls are uninterrupted even if one connection goes down.