Monitor your system 24/7 with 100% accurate, real-time spectrum data.


The RF Upstream Spectrum Analyzer serves as a powerful, yet inexpensive, replacement for traditional spectrum meters and is the only analyzer tool that allows cable operators to see ingress under the DOCSIS carrier. With Momentum’s solution, there’s no need to move the cable modem to another frequency to locate a problem, and if you’ve already invested in Cisco CMTS, there’s no expensive hardware to purchase.

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Cable operators can easily view the RF upstream spectrum for all customer data — not just a small sample or estimate like the competition — without having to hook up special test equipment, splitters or connectors. The RF Upstream Spectrum Analyzer lets you monitor your entire system 24/7 from anywhere — all without interrupting CMTS operation.

Solve Technical Problems with Momentum RF

Solve Your Technical Problems with RF Upstream Spectrum Technology:

Quickly Locate Upstream Impairments:

  • Requires no additional hardware or test equipment
  • See ingress under the DOCSIS carrier
  • Access 100% accurate data. Not an estimate like the competition
  • Monitors every upstream port 24/7 without impacting CMTS
  • Reduces points of failure by removing extra cables and connectors
  • Supports DOCSIS 1.x, 2.0 and 3.0
  • Saves time, money and man-hours by eliminating physical test gear
  • Doesn’t require CMTS port limits or Headend real-estate
  • Available for Cisco CMTS