Introducing RPM, Momentum Telecom’s service activation and management interface web portal for provisioning and managing all of your subscribers. Let RPM worry with the headache and heavy lifting associated with activating voice services for your customers, while you focus on other things like growing your business!

RPM is a turnkey and branded management tool for service providers and their end-users. By allowing subscribers to manage many aspects of their own account, it reduces the service provider’s operational burden.

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How Does it Work?

RPM simplifies the activation of voice services by providing a single, user-friendly interface for activating and managing subscribers. Behind the scenes, it is integrated and provisions to many other systems like work-flow engines, softswitch, billing, carrier APIs, and databases that are responsible for ultimately providing voice services and billing for them. With RPM, tasks that are normally time and resource intensive are automated and streamlined making subscriber management easier than ever.

Administration Portal

  • Subscriber Ordering (New/ MACD)
  • Order Status
  • Subscriber Management
  • Ticketing
  • Endpoint/Device Provisioning
  • Customer/End-User Portal
  • Information
  • Customer Service Records (CSR)

RPM End User Portal Interface

End User Portal

  • User Administration & Non-
    Administration Control Panel
  • Configure Admin Level Services
  • Configure User Level Services and
  • View Call Logs
  • Manage Profile
  • Listen to Voicemail

Momentum RPM Workflow

RPM Workflow Engine

  • Switch & Services Provisioning
    (Class 4 & 5 )
  • Device/Endpoint Provisioning
  • Carrier Provisioning (Origin/
    Termination LD, e911)
  • Element Inventory Control
  • Billing System Population
  • System Integrations via API

Quick Contact

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