Realtime Provisioning Explorer (RPX) is Momentum Telecom’s solution for provisioning and managing all voice subscribers. The cutting-edge web portal brings advanced technology and ease to the processes of adding subscribers, managing end user accounts and provisioning devices.

RPX’s intuitive interface provides the ability to view, manage accomplish multiple process from a single platform. This dynamic solution provides expansive integration and insight into every step of managing subscriber features and functions, including E911, DADL, CNAM and many more. Designed with CSRs in mind, these tools are sure to increase your productivity and reduce human error and swivel chair.

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How Does it Work?

RPX’s user-friendly web portal brings a groundbreaking level of workflow engine automation to voice management. Behind the scenes, the platform integrates and provisions with a range of other systems including work-flow engines, softswitches, billing programs, all class 4 carrier functions, carrier APIs and databases that are ultimately responsible for providing the voice services and the billing for them.

With enhanced automation of traditionally labor-intensive tasks and a simplified interface, RPX streamlines subscriber management, creates a seamless experience for both the operator and end customer and truly empowers customer service representatives.


  • Administrative Insight
    • Subscriber Ordering and Management
    • Endpoint and Device Provisioning
    • View Order Status
    • Ticketing
    • End-User Portal Information
  • Automated Workflow and Integration
    • Switch & Services Provisioning (Class 4 & 5 )
    • Carrier Provisioning (Origin and Termination LD, e911)
    • Element Inventory Control
    • Billing System Population
    • System Integrations via API
  • Intuitive Portal for End-Users
    • Web-based and Accessible Anywhere
    • Individual and Admin User Control Panels
    • Manage Profile
    • Operate Advanced Feature Set
    • View Call Logs

Momentum RPM Workflow


  • Single platform, comprehensive solution
  • Seamless integrations
  • Reduction in human error
  • Customers empowerment