Identify and Address Network and In-Home Issues Before they Impact Subscribers

Momentum’s Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Analyzer uses DOCSIS pre-equalization technology to help cable operators proactively identify service impairments that would otherwise not be seen until customers are adversely affected.

The PNM Analyzer quickly discovers impairments and pinpoints the location of the issue on a map to lower maintenance costs for providers and improve video and high-speed data for subscribers. DOCSIS pre-equalization technology gathers the information needed to run calculations to identify issues and enables cable modems to automatically adjust their signals to compensate for upstream impairments in the cable plant like micro-reflections or group delay, immediately improving the upstream signal levels received by the CMTS.

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Correlation Groups show problems affecting more than one modem, which helps to quickly determine if an issue is premise or outside plant related.

Paired with Momentum’s advanced Broadband Explorer (BBX) solution, PNM technology ensures that cable operators maintain a stable, efficient and economical data network to bring the best possible service to subscribers.

Momentum PNM Locate Upstream Impairments

Quickly Locate Upstream Impairments

  • Detect in-home vs. outside plant issues
  • Locate issues like bad wiring, microfractures, corroded connectors and reverse splitters
  • Identify micro-reflections and group delay
  • Show modems being impacted by common impairment
  • View severity of impairment by three threshold levels

Momentum PNM Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

  • Pinpoint the location within 50ft of impairments using Mapping Technology
  • Drill down on worst performing modems
  • Decrease maintenance costs and prevent future outages
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce truck rolls

Momentum PNM Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Improve video and high-speed data service
  • Decrease summertime spikes
  • Find and fix problems before they impact customers
  • Benefit from pre-equalization without masking symptoms of problem
  • Search for individual modems by MAC address