The Momentum Telecom Fax solution allows you to send and receive faxes through your e-mail account. The fax account has a designated phone number, toll free or local, that will automatically send all incoming faxes to the assigned e-mail address as attached PDF files. Additionally, outbound faxes can be sent by scanning and sending via the user’s e-mail account.

Fax Benefits


An Internet Faxing solution as mobile as you are

Business is no longer tied the office and your business communication tools shouldn’t be either. Virtual Fax, Momentum’s cloud fax service, enables users to send and receive faxes on any Internet-enabled desktop, laptop, SmartPhone, or tablet device. So if you have access to your email, you have access to your faxing services. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s secure. It’s the latest technology for less. Virtual Fax is just one of the many virtual services that Momentum offers.

“Virtual Fax service is the best thing since sliced bread. Invoices, contracts and specs that come straight to your inbox. The fax system makes it easy to identify and discard junk faxes, and saves people from having to check the fax machine several times a day.”

– Wanda Wanninger | Graham & Graham

Escape busy signals, the dreaded wait by the fax machine, and explore the boundless benefits of internet faxing with Momentum Virtual Fax:

  • Big Savings – No hardware, equipment or subsequent fax line to purchase or maintain.
  • Convenience – Faxes go to email and are easy to retrieve, share and archive.
  • Dedicated fax numbers – Each employee can be given a unique fax number.
  • Affordable, high volume faxing – Monthly plan to cover all your fax needs


How to Send an Internet Fax

Just open a new email and follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter recipient’s 10-digit fax number followed by in the To field
  2. Enter subject of the fax into the Subject field
  3. Enter cover page text in the body of email and attach documents to be faxed

Click Send and your Virtual Fax will be delivered!

Both toll-free and local Virtual Fax numbers are available.

Interested in adding VoIP Fax Service? Please contact one of our Solutions Experts at or 877.251.5554 for more information.