Boost your customer experience with an omni-channel and data-driven approach

Experience a unified environment for all of your customer communications that is specifically designed to lower operating costs and improve business outcomes.

Leveraging ContactOne transforms your contact center from a necessity to a vital corporate asset that delivers top line revenues and higher customer satisfaction while also reducing churn.

Flexibility and Scalability

ContactOne is leading the way in contact center technology revolving around the cloud’s flexibility and scalability. An advanced portal delivers everything a call center manager needs to be effective and efficient with the ability to adjust teams on the fly, systematically develop new skills for representatives, plug in pre-built auto attendants and more.

Expert Collaboration and Communications

Speed up first contact resolution by seamlessly integrating Momentum’s suite of unified communications and team communication tools to instantly collaborate between agents, managers and subject matter experts to resolve issues and improve customer experience.

Real-time Dashboards

ContactOne provides you with instant and real-time metrics integrated from multiple processing systems and sites. These illuminating dashboards help to unify and correlate separate locations and different representatives while also providing the necessary data to make swift, informed operational changes based on traffic and performance.

Analytics-Based Predictive Routing

Bringing analytics to your call center enables you to connect every customer with the right agent with the right skills every time. Predictive technology evaluates individual customer tendencies and contact center representatives’ performance and automatically matches customers with the representative best equipped to meet their needs. This provides more opportunities for improving customer service and effective upselling and cross selling.

Web and Voice Callback

Deliver an enhanced customer experience by allowing customers to provider contact information while on hold in a call queue or on a web form and their number will be automatically dialed and connected to an agent at the specific time.