Momentum Voice Analytics

Momentum Voice Analytics Lite, Plus with Wallboard, Pro with Wallboard and ACD Reporting

Monitor. Manage. Measure.

All with Call Tracking Software from Momentum

Overrun queues and long call wait times are just not acceptable in today’s business world, where it is mission critical to deliver superb customer service. Many organizations are seeking the technology to overcome the challenge of effectively handling a high volume of incoming calls with limited resources.

Businesses of all types, especially call center operations and the customer service industry, are recognizing the value comprehensive call tracking software delivers. Integrating a powerful SaaS call management solution like Momentum Voice Analytics can help staff to identify calling patterns, pinpoint areas for improvement and develop strategies to better manage calls.

Momentum Voice Analytics is a cloud-based solution complete with wallboard display options that provide cumulative call statistics at-a-glance, real-time call activity and historical data. Leveraging the interactive platform, businesses can optimize existing employee and fiscal resources to achieve higher service levels.

Introducing call tracking software that has it all.

Affordable: No new hardware or software required

User Friendly: Easy to deploy with quick technical setup

Accessible: Remote hosted service available from anywhere

Interoperable: Supported by Mac, PC, Linux and mobiles


  • Call statistics
  • ACD reporting
  • Wallboard Display
  • Call / device properties
  • Diagnostic values
  • Call control
  • Internal calls
  • Disaster recovery built in
  • Minimal on-going fees
  • Multi-site reporting as standard
  • Real-time and historical reports
  • Cradle-to-grave call tracking

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Historical Call List: Use report filters to define search criteria and locate specific call information
    List of completed call records for a specific device with separate entries made for each segment of calls transferred to multiple extensions in the system.
  • Unreturned Lost Calls: Recover potential lost revenue and improve service by returning abandoned calls
    List of inbound abandoned calls updated as calls are returned or received again and successfully answered.
  • Extensions List: Ensure users are making and receiving calls effectively
    List of all internal devices (excluding trunk and hunt group devices) and corresponding call statistics.
  • Trunk Interface List: Use lines efficiently and maintain adequate number of concurrent call paths
    List of application’s configured trunk device and trunk gateway devices noting if corresponding calls are currently alerting or answered.
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  • Calls by Telephone Number: Identify phone numbers most frequently dialed and received
    List of telephone numbers that calls have either originated from or been made to.
  • Calls by DID: Handle Direct Inward Dialing services and/or advertising campaigns effectively
    List of the inbound telephone numbers that callers have dialed.
  • Calls by Half Hour Interval: Identify call trends and how busy your business is at the different times of the day
    List of completed calls in ½ hour intervals within a specified time frame
  • Calls By Day/Week: Compare call statistics over different days/weeks in a period
    List of completed calls in daily/weekly intervals within a specified time frame
  • Active Call List: See calls in progress and real-time call activity
    Live list of the active calls on the telephone system.
  • Hunt Group List: Identify how effectively each hunt group or contact center queue is managing calls
    List of hunt groups and/or contact center queues with corresponding inbound call statistics and current call activity / status.
  • ACD Agent List: Monitor and evaluate agent performance
    Lists call statistics and call state of each individual ACD agent
  • ACD Activity Log: Find out when an agent came on duty or went to lunch
    Historic list of ACD sign-in, sign-out, and other ACD status changes.
  • Calls By Account Code: Classify call types and identify calls associated with certain clients and projects
    List of contact center disposition codes and phone numbers where the corresponding code was specifically entered in against a call or over active calls. Report does not include account and authorization codes directly assigned to specific users in the switch.