Momentum Hosted Call Center
Momentum Telecom’s award-winning call center platform helps businesses increase sales, profitability and market share. You’ll get a customized cloud solution that doesn’t require expensive hardware or software.

Unlike existing on-premise call center capabilities that are sometimes hosted and managed by the customer, Momentum Telecom’s Hosted Call Center is a purpose built cloud-based solution.Momentum Telecom’s Call Center provides advanced call center capabilities that leverage all the functionality of our platform.

Momentum Call Center offers:


Flexibility for administrators and agents to do their job from anywhere. A virtual call center like Momentum’s Call Center enables you to support teams with home workers, off-site employees, and staff at multiple branches to operate as a single unit.

The functionality of our mobile call center offers:

  • Enhanced Agent Availability Connect with workforce beyond the limitations of the office with service that ties numbers to an individual, not just to a specific desk phone.
  • Centralized Administration Hire talent regardless of location and bring management continuity to a geographically dispersed team.
  • Refined Supervisor Tools Enable administrators to easily monitor agent availability, manage active call queues and view detailed reports with browser-based applications.
  • Heightened Remote Access Control feature settings from any Internet-enabled mobile device, laptop or PC by just logging into our sophisticated subscriber portal.

Momentum Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic Call Distribution

Call center traffic management is no longer a hassle. Whether your business is a small office or a large corporation offering support for multiple product lines, advanced call routing assures your phone lines are handled with optimal efficiency.

Our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) tool will bring your business call center:

  • Dedicated No Answer Treatments Apply advanced call forwarding policies to stranded, bounced, and overflow calls as well as to customized automated night and holiday schedules.
  • Increased Agent Productivity Route inbound calls with priority queuing based on skill set, the least busy agent, or the first available agent so customers reach the appropriate agent.
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  • Personalized Customer Service Increase first call resolution and lower abandonment rates with Auto Attendant and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) feature. Callers are greeted with tailored messages and directed to specific queues based on reason of call.
  • Pooled Staff Resources Create ACD groups that span across various departments and locations to produce a balanced workload that optimizes teams, alleviates agent burnout and ups the ante on employee satisfaction.

Momentum Reporting and Monitoring Tools

Reporting and Monitoring Tools

Analytics that help managers keep in tune with employees and provide great insight on how increased service levels can be achieved. Supervisors can now instantly track key performance indicators (KPIs) for agents and queues.

Quality Assurance feature capabilities available with Momentum Contact Center include:

  • Call Monitoring Monitor agent presence and manage call activity with user-intuitive dashboard that displays real time status, live statistics, calls in queue, wait time, and more.
  • Silent Monitoring Listen in on agents interaction with customers for review purposes.
  • Call Reporting Run default and customized reports to pull on demand charts and historical reports with statistics on agent and queue activity.
  • Call Barge In Join calls or barge in during silent monitoring when high-level input is needed. Feature is often used by supervisors during training sessions.
  • Call Control Use Click-to-Dial and drag and drop Call Transfers to manipulate queued calls and lessen call wait time for an improved quality of service.

Momentum Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

A virtual call center that operates on a robust network with enterprise-grade features. Our extensible services make it plausible to change your setup as quickly as your call volumes and business needs change.

Momentum’s Call Center offers endless possibilities:

  • Scalable Services Accommodate business growth and development effortlessly with our easy to deploy lines and services.
  • Tailored Solutions Customize basic, standard and premium level offerings with flexible feature sets that can fit the unique service requirements of any business.
  • Bundled Packages Integrate Contact Center with other hosted services. Benefits include one point of contact for support, consolidated billing and simplified customer experiences.
  • Disaster Recovery System Keep your call center operating during an outage with our geo-redundant network and a power supply backed by generators.
  • Secure Network Access to our reliable architecture provides greater protection against fraudulent activity like eavesdropping, call hijacking and password scrutiny.

Momentum Reduced TCO

Reduced TCO

All the advantages of major premise ACD platforms without the fiscal constraints of maintaining one. Momentum maintains and manages Call Center servers in the cloud so you don’t have to.

Enjoy big-time savings that only a hosted call center solution can offer:

  • Low-to-no CAPEX Expenses Cut upfront capital investment for server equipment and power supply expenses associated with premise-based call center alternatives.
  • Minimize OPEX Spendings Steer clear of managing and paying for software updates and system upgrade expenses with a managed service that assures you always have access to the latest technology.
  • Eliminated Maintenance Fees Nix annual maintenance expenditures associated with IT specialists and equipment vendors from the budget for good.
  • Minimized TDM/IP Circuit Costs Calls queued in Momentum’s data center do not require additional and costly trunks/bandwidth.
  • Pay As You Go Usage Plans Escape overage fees and wasted minutes with budget-minded, pay-per-use pricing that gives you ultimate control of your monthly bill.