A WiFi Management Solution for Today’s Changing Landscape

As connectivity needs grow exponentially, WiFi will only continue to become more prominent. This growth will be accompanied by an increase in the number of WiFi-related calls to customer service centers ultimately resulting in unnecessary truck rolls. In fact, some centers report as many as 50% of calls are now related to WiFi-service.

This uptick in WiFi-related calls has shown that providing little to no service after installing a modem is no longer acceptable. The industry needs a tool capable of providing insight and, therefore, assisting in more helpful support.

  • Enables to view and report on data points to diagnose slow speeds
  • Allows for easy management of tasks such as password resets and security profile updates
  • Ability to change channels for optimizing environments and signal levels
  • Eliminate swivel chair and decrease time spent on customer support calls
BBX Wifi Support

Provide Support That Extends From Your Facility All the Way to the User’s Device

The BBX WiFi Expansion has thrust WiFi management into the future with an industry-leading solution that has enabled operators to provide unparalleled WiFi assistance to customers.

This tool works inside of and in conjunction with Momentum’s Broadband Explorer (BBX) to allow customer support that extends beyond modems and encompasses every level of a customer’s WiFi connection. The platform successfully provides insight that was previously completely unavailable to operators.

The WiFi Expansion makes BBX the perfect toolkit for providing premier customer service. Designed specifically with customer service reps in mind, it gives technicians comprehensive network visibility that allows for easy troubleshooting, and ultimately results in fewer costly truck rolls.