Proactively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot issues at all levels from a single platform. BBX enables providers to efficiently deploy, manage and expand advanced data services to residential and business subscribers through a single, integrated OSS platform. Gain deeper visibility into network dynamics, fix issues remotely and reduce the number of technicians dispatched to resolve one-off problems. Since 2001, Momentum Telecom has been helping broadband providers quickly analyze and troubleshoot data services issues with advanced technology that provides remote views into their systems.

  • Boost network performance
  • Improve accountability
  • Take control of circuit capacity
  • Increase subscriber satisfaction
BBX Diagnostics

BBX: Cable Diagnostic Expansion

According to recent studies, 60% of internet subscribers reach the web using Cable/DOCSIS. This means the task of providing an exceptional broadband experience is especially critical. Without system-wide visibility and quick access to individual subscriber and service-group information, operators can easily overuse or misuse technical resources that lose customers and often employees. As part of Momentum’s comprehensive management tool, BBX, Momentum has improved its BBX Diagnostics module that includes a wide range of reporting and access to information for helping networks run smoothly and to easily identify faults. BBX provides both individual and network-wide data in a way that is both easy to manage and easy to use.

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BBX Fiber Expansion

BBX: Fiber Expansion

Fiber connectivity remains one of the fastest growing technologies in the communications industry, and is becoming increasingly common because of its host of benefits that include increased bandwidth, speed and security.

As this industry continues to grow, so does the need for a way to effectively monitor, manage and troubleshoot fiber networks. While many tools used to manage broadband are not functional in a fiber environment, BBX has released the BBX Fiber Expansion to specifically bring all the benefits and data from BBX to fiber management.

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BBX Wifi Expansion

BBX: Wifi Expansion

As connectivity needs grow exponentially, WiFi will only continue to become more prominent. This growth will be accompanied by an increase in the number of WiFi-related calls to customer service centers ultimately resulting in unnecessary truck rolls. In fact, some centers report as many as 50% of calls are now related to WiFi-service.

This uptick in WiFi-related calls has shown that providing little to no service after installing a modem is no longer acceptable. The industry needs a tool capable of providing insight and, therefore, assisting in more helpful support.

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