As technology innovators, network operators and broadband consumers, we are experiencing a fundamental transformation in how online content is created, delivered and consumed. Consider that video, which was once the domain of the television set, now accounts for 60 percent of traffic on the Internet. While bandwidth-intensive applications such as file sharing, social networking and over-the- top services give consumers more choices, the influx of traffic causes tremendous and increasing pressure on data networks.

New Usage and Insight Tools

New Usage and Insight Tools

To aid mid-market cable and broadband providers in protecting their network investments and creating a superior end-user experience, Momentum offers Bandwidth Management. This comprehensive program empowers operators with new usage insights and tools so they may improve capacity planning, make strategic network investments and capitalize on over-the-top service trends.

A Complete Approach

A Complete Approach

Today, only the largest cable operators maintain internal capacity planning departments. With the advent of Bandwidth Management, Momentum makes a comprehensive approach accessible to operators of any size. The combination of robust tools with our expertise allows operators to significantly augment their capabilities while not having to make major investments in systems and people.

Momentum Best In Class Tools

Momentum Telecom’s Bandwidth Management provides the following,
best-in-class tools


The Usage Policy Statistics submodule allows an MSO to create AUPs and assign them to specific cable modem packages. This sets a threshold limit for the amount of upload/ download usage a cable modem package can consume. For example, an MSO may want to limit a 10MB down/1MB up package to 100GB of total traffic. Once users exceed 50% of the threshold, subscriber accounts appear in the Usage Exception Report in BBX. If MSO elects to activate the Notification, Enforcement, and/or Billing submodules, the MSO can send notifications when various threshold limits are met, take action when thresholds are met and calculate overage charges using exported BMS data. MSOs may also view the Usage Policy Report, which displays a list of all AUPs created, the details of the AUP, and the number of subscribers bound to it.

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The Usage Policy Notifications submodule allows an MSO to create various notifications and communicate with the end-user subscriber when certain threshold limits are met. Notification communication occurs via email or “captive portal”. There are several types of notifications that may be configured by the MSO; a) Policy Acknowledgements, b) Advanced Notifications,
and c) Final Notifications


The Usage Policy Enforcement submodule allows an MSO to assign enforcement policies to cable modem packages and take action when a particular AUP threshold limit is met. For example, when a subscriber’s 10MB down / 1 MB modem consumes enough bandwidth to surpass the AUP threshold of 100GB, the MSO invokes usage action to disable the modem, throttle the modem, or take no action and establish fair use policies.


The Usage Policy Billing submodule allows an MSO to view the Usage Billing Report, which displays the MSO’s Customer Name, Address, Billing #, AUP Name, Threshold, actual Usage, and Overage. The MSO may export the report to CSV and import into a spreadsheet application to calculation overage charges to bill the subscriber.