Alteva’s Collaborate Service Provides:

Audio Only Conferencing for up to 150 users

This is an “on-demand” audio conferencing service provides the capability to conference up to 150 parties simultaneously. A bridge number and unique password is provided to each subscriber on a convenient wallet sized card for easy access to the conference bridge.

Automated Event Conferencing for up to 500 users

This is an automated reservations-based conferencing service for large business meetings up to 500 simultaneous users. This service provides basic conferencing capabilities for day-to-day business calls that have larger participant numbers. This service is used when higher level coordination is needed for standard bridge calls. The web portal interface is provided for post call management.

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Event Call Conferencing for up to 3000 usersconferences

This is a full service conferencing service for high profile, C-level communication such as: investor relations calls, merger announcements, etc. This service includes full service operator coordination, monitoring, and support. Additional security for participants can also be used, such as password verification. The web portal interface offers post call management of conferences.

Web and Audio Conferencing

This is an “on-demand” web and audio conferencing service provides the capability to hold web conferences. This service combines enterprise grade audio by allowing participants to dial a conference bridge number and view your presentation via the conference internet url. The web portal interface offers post call management of conferences.

Additional Recording Services

Alteva Collaborate conferencing service provides the capability to record your audio conferences. This solution is great for compliance and audit purposes. The recorded files are hosted in the cloud for easy access to download and playback. Additional options offer Audio CD, CD-ROM in .wav and mp3 file formats.

Alteva’s Hosted Microsoft OCS / Lync Solution Provides:


Presence enables real-time status of employees (based on calendar information, login/activity status, and user preference) to be displayed across the organization and/or selected colleagues to enable users to contact the right person the first time using the best communications method.

Instant Messaging

Enterprise instant messaging enables instant messaging with the security, manageability, and reliability required for enterprise communications. OCS/Lync has the capability to log and archive all instant message traffic passing through the server and to create Call Detail Records for conferences and voice. These features provide a measure of compliance, increasingly a legal or prudent requirement for many organizations.

Desktop Video Conferencing

When you need to be face to face, simply start a video conference with the click of your mouse.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is an optional functionality of Alteva’s Hosted OCS/Lync offering. It provides a virtual meeting experience that integrates data, content, applications, video, voice, media, and text to enable real-time communication and collaboration whenever you need it. Your Hosted OCS/Lync web conference experience can be enhanced in the Board Room by the addition of the Microsoft RoundTable web conference camera and full duplex video/audio device.

Desktop Sharing

Share documents with a colleague from anywhere with a click of the mouse with the desktop sharing feature. Escalate your collaboration by giving control of your desktop to your colleague and allow them to work on your laptop remotely until
you take control back.

Send a File

This feature allows you to forward a file to a colleague by clicking a button in the Communicator/Lync window then selecting the appropriate feature, eliminating the need to switch applications from OCS/Lync to Outlook and have to open an email
to attach and send a file.

Outlook Integration

Schedule a sales presentation, web meeting, team collaboration or training session right from Outlook. Also, if you forget an important point that was communicated during an OCS/Lync IM session, simply go to your Outlook folders and retrieve the session in your Saved Conversations folder.

Tag Status Change

When you need to speak with someone as soon as they are finished a phone call or as soon as they are back from lunch, click to tag the person in your OCS/Lync contact list and you will be notified as soon as their status switches to Available.

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