Written by Beth Hildreth on December 20, 2016

VoIP has unfairly been given a bad reputation by uninformed buyers or businesses who simply had a bad customer experience with a VoIP provider. For anyone attempting to sell VoIP, that statement will come as no surprise. Understanding why customers can be weary of VoIP is critical to being able to adequately address their concerns. Here are some reasons why that may be the customer’s mindset:

When VoIP’s popularity began to rise, there were many in the industry who began selling the service without taking the time to set up a good infrastructure. This led to a number of problems with the most common being:

  1. Poor Voice Quality

The poor internal infrastructure from “providers” led to buyers having poor voice quality and unreliable service.

  1. Blaming Others

Many of these companies, instead of looking inward for solutions, pointed the finger at others such as internet providers or phone systems. This lack of accountability was sure to infuriate buyers.

  1. “Plug and Pray”

All some companies did was ship customers a box with a phone that you would have to plug in and pray it worked. The lack of technical support and customer care left many buyers in the lurch.

  1. Overly Complicated

In an effort to appeal to consumers, many companies offered an excess of “functionality.” However, the bloated number “features” made managing the system an overwhelmingly difficult task.

In a nutshell, when companies switched to VoIP various providers weren’t just bad technology partners; they weren’t partners at all!

Finding the right provider is the most important ingredient when choosing VoIP! For this reason, Momentum Telecom’s mission is “enable others to thrive.”

Momentum is dedicated to being a technology partner and because of this, Momentum places an unmatched level of emphasis on treating customers as true technology partners in a relationship that doesn’t end after installation, but instead extends indefinitely in the form of an active pledge to both service and excellence.

And the best news is that Momentum knows the secret sauce to successfully deploying VoIP! Click here for the next Selling Momentum post that details the pillars behind successful VoIP adoption.