Written by Beth Hildreth on December 28, 2016
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As we discussed in our previous post, when you’re out selling, you will find some customers who may have damaged opinions of VoIP after bad experiences with “providers” who were not partners.

However, companies must be reminded to not throw out the baby with the bath water. The fact is that, when deployed by a reliable provider, VoIP can pay substantial dividends for a business.

So how do you ensure a company’s adoption of VoIP is a rousing success? If the following three measures are in place, then a VoIP solution will be successful:

1. A Strong Network

A VoIP provider must have strong network, with data centers that have carefully developed infrastructure.A strong network is required to provide good service and to have a stable platform. Momentum Telecom’s network is comprised of several carrier-class data centers and self-healing fiber optic ring networks. It has multiple layers of redundancy, including geo-redundancy, which enables maximum uptime and continuous operation.

2. Broadband Connectivity

A VoIP buyer must have broadband connectivity to ensure a reliable connection with sufficient bandwidth to provide the solution. If a company already has broadband, Momentum can utilize that connection. But even in cases where there isn’t broadband connectivity, many times Momentum can provide the ability to bundle broadband with their hosted VoIP service.

3. A Capable Local Area Network

A local area network is a vital backbone for VoIP. Momentum recognizes this importance and because of this, unlike many providers, Momentum brings sales engineers early on in the sales process to ensure that the customer LAN and VoIP are able to work together and deliver service.

Again, the success of hosted VoIP rests equally each of these pillars and they work together to ensure VoIP’s success and reliability. Momentum has used their seasoned experts to evaluate and support each of these foundations, and has used this experience to successfully deliver service in pretty much every kind of situation imaginable.

This should reassure anyone considering hosted VoIP that Momentum has proven technology and solutions that work with the best minds in the business to translate solutions into massive success stories. Read about a few of those successes here.

Rest assured, if there is a way, Momentum knows the path!

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