Written by Beth Hildreth on January 24, 2018

The holiday season can get ugly for contact centers, but a year-round solution could save you a big headache

It’s January, and gyms across the world will have their highest attendance this month… and then they will have their biggest attendance drop off in February. While other New Years Resolutions may fall to the curb, especially after a crazy holiday season, the one you should make (and stick with) is improving your contact center.

The holiday season is notoriously frustrating for customer service departments. You’re probably in the middle of doing your own damage assessment from the fallout.

From the hiring and firing of new representatives, the potential HR drama caused by any of those new employees, the influx of calls for solutions to new tech that didn’t exist last year, the hit in overall customer satisfaction and bill payments, the number of considerations that make up this collective headache are endless.

Unfortunately, with tech gifts becoming increasingly popular, the holiday season will continue to be difficult for service providers. In fact, as consumer products become connected and move into the Internet of Things (IoT), providers’ contact centers are anticipating a steady uptick of support cases year round.

But, you don’t have to deal with this alone. Using a support services solution is an effective way to combat increased call volume, offer after hours support and reduce a massive pain point for your operation in a way that also builds dividends.

Here are three other big reasons you should use a support services solution:

Increased Subscriber Satisfaction and Loyalty

With integrated support services, your customers will have access to dedicated support specialists who know the system inside out and have access to developer resources and in-depth analytics. Providing your customers with 24/7 access to support, decreased hold times and increased response time is a surefire way to reduce churn and show them that they’re appreciated and valued.

Reduced Truck Rolls

Support services solutions have been proven to lead to more informed diagnoses and solutions and a higher first-call resolution rate. Because of many of the reasons outlined above, the data and efficiency that comes with support services will mean fewer costly truck rolls for you and your company and maximize your revenue.

Access to the Latest Technology

Outsourcing your support services can eliminate the pain and cost associated with upgrading contact center technology. Instead of having to budget resources and time to deploy a new upgrade, you can enjoy the latest and greatest technology advances without having to disrupt your business.

If you’re not convinced, but are still haunted by the influx of customer calls over the holidays, here’s your chance to learn more about how a support solution service would work for you.