Written by Go Momentum on July 26, 2011
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RCN looks to BBX Diagnostics to improve first-call resolution, improve agent training and drive customer satisfaction

ATLANTA and PRINCETON, NJ – July 26, 2011 – IBBS, the leading provider of voice and data services for Tier 2 and 3 broadband providers, today announced that RCN, the 12th largest residential and business cable system operator in the U.S., has launched IBBS’ Broadband Explorer (BBX) Diagnostics platform to support its customer care and technical operations. The system has been deployed into RCN’s two major call centers giving customer care, tech ops and dispatch personnel streamlined tools and deeper insight into network operations.

RCN selected the IBBS platform for its simplified interface that gives their agents a single system from which to perform a variety of customer care functions in serving its 325,000 broadband customers. The BBX platform provides a rich data stream that is easily accessed from a series of integrated, color-coded screens. The platform seamlessly integrates customer data, customer equipment performance data, network metrics and other vital information that allows agents to quickly analyze data, perform diagnostics and reach resolution.

Before launching the BBX tool, RCN agents relied upon a number of systems and screens that resulted in call handling inefficiencies. Agents were required to toggle between platforms and screens which required some manual synthesis of customer data.

“Deployment of the IBBS BBX Diagnostics platform provides RCN agents with superb functionality and will have a far-reaching, positive impact on our operations,” said Jim Holanda, RCN chief executive officer. “Most importantly, this tool will contribute to improved customer satisfaction as we’ll be able to more quickly troubleshoot and reach resolution via a succinct toolset. As a competitive broadband provider, we know that the customer experience, along with a strong bundle of services, is a key differentiator. IBBS BBX will help us to achieve our mission.”

Several members of the RCN management team who had prior experience with BBX realized significant value from the platform. Their first-hand experience with BBX’s capabilities led them to introduce and integrate the platform into their call center operations. With deployment of BBX Diagnostics, RCN will derive several benefits including:

Improved first call resolution – Improved diagnostics directly translate to faster call resolution and reduced call handle times. RCN selected BBX Diagnostics to help drive down costs and enhance the customer experience. IBBS has deployed the BBX Diagnostics tool in its own Cartersville, Ga. call center resulting in 78 percent first-call resolution rate and a 7 min / 38 second call handle time – both of which are top scores when comparing all industries and computer software. RCN seeks similar results in call handling and agent performance.

Rapid customer service representative training – The IBBS BBX streamlined interface takes new agents from training to the frontline faster. The integrated, color-coded screens are simple to learn and navigate. Training time and costs are diminished by reducing time spent in ‘swivel chair’ between screens and applications.

Improved customer satisfaction – RCN expects to realize improvements in customer satisfaction. With a reliance on a single, robust diagnostics system, customers will move through the call queue faster and reach accurate resolution the first time they call. First-call resolution also contributes to fewer costly truck rolls for issues that may be resolved remotely.

“IBBS tools and systems are designed to give broadband providers the competitive edge,” said Dave Keil, chief executive officer of IBBS. “Our streamlined, powerful BBX platform offers a robust data view that advances operations, improves performance metrics and builds the bottom line. We’re pleased to support RCN in their pursuit to provide a superior customer experience – both with our premier tools and with our professional services teams that are committed to RCN’s success.”

RCN completed its transition to IBBS BBX in June in coordination with the IBBS Engineering team. The companies worked collaboratively to rapidly test and deploy the platform so RCN could take advantage of BBX capabilities. The transition has led to early gains and measurable improvements.