Recently implemented RedShift Unified Communications Threat Management platform affirms security as a top priority for Momentum

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – January 22, 2018 – Momentum Telecom, a premier provider of Business Voice, Broadband Management and Unified Communications solutions, furthers the company’s commitment to voice security and privacy by partnering with RedShift Networks to proactively secure Momentum’s geo-redundant networks. The Unified Communications Threat Management platform will provide additional measures of real-time security and toll fraud protection that will provide superior performance and security for Momentum customers.

This announcement further differentiates a network that is already considered one of the most advanced telecommunications platforms in the world. In addition to supplying enhancements to the Momentum infrastructure, the RedShift Networks partnership will provide enhanced visibility into the voice network that can be leveraged for improved management of security and toll fraud attacks.

“We’re proud to be beginning this year by taking another proactive step to further secure our voice infrastructure and ensure reliability for each of our customers,” said Momentum Executive Vice President of Technology Mark Marquez. “Adding this product offers improvements to a network that is already distinguished and trusted by corporations and carriers worldwide.”

Based in Silicon Valley, RedShift Networks has established itself as a powerful provider of security, fraud detection, fraud prevention and analytics for the Unified Communications industry. By adding the RedShift Networks security appliance, Momentum will now have strengthened proactive efforts for mitigating VoIP TDoS and DDoS attacks as well as access to the Global SIP Threat Intelligence Network.

“It’s very exciting for us to be partnering with Momentum,” said RedShift Network’s Vice President of North American Sales Ray Muscatell. “We’re eager for Momentum customers to see the benefits of our partnership and ready to protect them from fraudulent calling activity.”

One of Momentum’s commitments is to combine smarter technology with seasoned experts, and this is a substantial move in continuing that tradition. This combination will assuredly continue to make Momentum’s network an industry standard-bearer and Momentum a sought-after partner and provider.

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