Enjoy E-Rate telecommunications with Cloud Voice, Unified Communications, and managed network solutions from Momentum Telecom. Benefits include:

  • Competitive and Flexible Internet Offerings
  • Geo Redundant Network
  • Fully-Managed Cloud Voice
  • Mobility & Collaboration
  • Ease of Administration
  • Scalable Services
  • Backup & Redundancy

Momentum is constantly redefining what is possible for schools and libraries with our Cloud Voice and Data Solutions. As a leading communications provider, Momentum provides E-Rate participants with cloud-based technology and the most advanced features on the market.

The Momentum E-Rate program is in place with USAC to ensure that education community has access to affordable telecommunications and Internet services.

Momentum’s reliable global network powers everything from universities and small businesses to entire municipalities, and can support entities of any size – from the smallest libraries to the largest school districts. Our company currently services more than 460,000 lines nationwide.

Since choosing a service provider is just one of many steps involved in completing the the E-Rate application process, Momentum wants to make it an easy one. Now is time to get rid of that outdated technology plan, and integrate a managed voice solution with far greater capabilities – it’s a no-brainer.

HOW WE MAKE THE GRADE – Momentum offers cutting edge features designed to meet the demands of today’s education professionals. Some of our Cloud Voice features we believe educators will find most useful:

Virtual Assistant

Have an Automated Receptionist answer calls with a personalized message and provide up to 12 options for connecting to various departments, teachers, advisors, etc. Setup holiday and after hour schedules with custom greetings and school announcements that keep parents informed outside of operating hours.

Hunt Group

Employ all phone lines and prevent busy signals. Calls roll over to the next number in a hunt group ensuring that calls are never missed again.

Web Portal

Manage account features and change settings with a click.

Disaster Recovery System

Utilize our fault-proof network to route calls to alternate phones during emergency situations.

4-Digit Extension Dialing

Improve district-wide communications with 4-digit dialing that makes it easy to reach administrative staff members dispersed across multiple locations.

Music On Hold

Broadcast music, messages or important announcements to callers on hold. Integrates with Intercom system enabling faculty to make announcements to students and library patrons directly from handset.

Call Park/Pickup

Park a call and retrieve it from another extension. Answer calls coming to any line within your call pickup group from your phone.

Voicemail to Email

Send voicemails directly to email for convenient access and quicker response to important messages.


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