Foster growth with a joint retail partnership.

Together we can do more. The Operator Share Program is an outlet for Momentum and our wholesale operator partners to combine forces to offer strengthened commercial communications solutions.

The program was designed to benefit our Cable Operator, ILEC, CLEC, Municipality, and Broadband Provider partners.

Simply sharing our areas of expertise, presents a mutual opportunity to establish:

  • New business relationships
  • Bundled product offerings
  • Increased market penetration
  • Extended subscriber base retention
  • Go to market access
  • All at no acquisition cost!

How Does Momentum’s Operator Share Program Work?

We purchase participating provider’s broadband and video (when applicable) services at a discount, with an agreement to display “powered by” messaging with operators name on local advertising. You get direct access to our retail sales and marketing team, larger business opportunities, and a solution that drives increased retention. Everyone enjoys success.

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