Written by on September 10, 2012
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Momentum puts high value on Quality of Service (QoS). With 100% uptime and verifiable voice quality, our infrastructure is one customers can rely on for hosted communications. Since VoIP services are delivered via Internet, optimal voice quality also depends on the strength of your broadband connection. It is highly recommended that PSTN users moving to VoIP make sure their network is up to par and ready for the change.


How To Test if Your Network is Ready for VoIP – Evaluate the following:

1. Know the number of phone lines vs bandwidth. We recommend a minimum bandwidth of 90 kbps per line ordered.

Tip: For heavy web users, consider a router with QoS capabilities to prioritize phone traffic.


2. Test quality of Internet circuits. Packet loss should be less than 01%, latency less than 100ms, and jitter less than 10ms.

Tip: Be sure to check these vital numbers at various times throughout the day. Speed test available at http://speedtest.warwick.net/.


3. Check LAN requirements. Services require 100 mbps and a certified minimum Cat 5 wiring.

Tip: Must be full duplex and have separate voice and data LAN.


Think your nework is ready? Then it may be time to consider learning more about business voice!