Written by Beth Hildreth on November 11, 2015

A Single Platform for All Your Fiber Management Activities

ATLANTA, GA- Momentum Telecom is proud to announce a new way to proactively monitor, manage, and troubleshoot fiber networks, all from a single platform. Introducing BBX Fiber, Momentum’s Broadband Explorer (BBX) tool redesigned for use on fiber networks. With it, companies can gain deeper visibility into network dynamics, find and diagnose potential issues and reduce the number of truck rolls.

Each year, more and more companies are offering fiber connectivity. With benefits such as increased bandwidth, speed, and security, it is no wonder fiber is one of the fastest growing technologies in the communications industry. However, implementing and supporting fiber comes with its share of challenges. Many of the tools companies have used in the past to manage broadband do not work with fiber. This is where BBX Fiber comes in. It is specifically designed for companies who are currently implementing and supporting fiber networks. BBX Fiber enables companies to implement real time metrics for installation and circuit capacity reducing costly truck rolls and more, all of which lead to increased overall customer satisfaction.

“We are very excited about the release of BBX Fiber and the impact it will have on the way our customers operate,” says Phillip Roland, Momentum’s Vice President of BBX Development. “Our goal with BBX Fiber is to continue giving our operators the ability to manage a wider range of technologies, ultimately enabling them to better serve their end subscribers to the best of their abilities.” BBX Fiber went live in October of 2015.

Momentum Telecom is the leading provider of wholesale voice and data management solutions in the country. If you would like to learn more about Momentum’s BBX Fiber product, please call us at 877-251-5554 or fill out the contact us form located here.