Written by Beth Hildreth on January 1, 2010

Get to know team members from across Momentum Telecom in this fun and informal ongoing Q&A series.

September 2020

Max Shadmani
Account Management
Birmingham, Ala.

Q: Introduce yourself! How long have you have been with the Momentum account management team? Have you worked in any other roles at Momentum?

A: I’m Max Shadmani, and I’m the father of three kids — a boy and two girls — as well as a Belgian Malinois named Jocko. I’ve lived in Birmingham since 2004, and I started my journey with the Momentum family as an Account Manager in January 2020.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of working on the account management team?

A: The hustle, collective energy and effort from the Momentum team in working toward a unified goal by partnering with our clients to build, collaborate and help their business grow with a ton of opportunities for one’s personal as well as professional growth. I am very fortunate to work with an extremely talented team, from the leadership down to my peers.

Q: What have been the main issues your customers have been focused on over the past several months? Which Momentum solutions have helped them solve these pain-points? Have your clients added any new Momentum solutions during this time?

A: COVID-19 has challenged many of our clients to do business as usual in these unusual circumstances. Our team has been instrumental in helping our clients make the necessary transition to working remotely by focusing on the virtual office/remote user set-up experience. The leading product to help with this transition has been the Momentum Mobility products.

Q: Do you have any hobbies, favorite sports teams, or the like?

A: I’m a bit all over the place with this one, but since childhood I have always loved hand-forged, Japanese style blades and cutlery knives, as I love to cook. As an adult, I have had the fortune of becoming a collector. Some say I am an “Instagram Influencer” in the world of bladesmithing. As for sports, I’m of a fan of anything UFC.

Q: Tell us something most people would be surprised to learn about you.

A: I have over 1,000 jumps as a parachutist from back when I was in the Army, which was the most fun part of my training.

Q: …and tell us anything else you’d like share about yourself!

A: Finding inner peace seems to be what everyone chases, as it has been the case with me, I’ve found solace, peace and control over my busy mind and thoughts by practicing yoga, and I became a yoga teacher in December 2019 and started my journey helping others find the same. Yoga has been one of the best things in my life, besides my kids!