Written by Beth Hildreth on April 17, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

In an effort to continually make it easier for employees to connect with colleagues and clients, Momentum’s hosted PBX platform works in conjunction with its unified communications platform, Momentum Messenger.

Many different platform options are available from the company including basic SIP connectivity for premises-based unified communications installations, hybrid SIP connectivity with hosted PBX features, and fully-managed hosted unified communications and VoIP.

The marketplace has been in search of a reliable HD voice product that can work alongside the growing presence of Internet capabilities and integrate meeting collaboration tools with ease. Momentum Messenger is touted as being one of the easiest, cost-effective solutions to combine hosted PBX with unified messaging capabilities.

Within the platform, several key capabilities exist such as unlimited calling, mobile phone support, voicemail to text, network to network interface and VoIP softphone support for PCs and Macs alike.

Users who turn to this hosted PBX offering can utilize all of the Momentum’s solutions ranging from unified messaging applications, a full-featured call recording platform and HD video conferencing to video calling via mobile. And they can focus in on improving business operations since they can alleviate the constant worry about updating the system by moving to the cloud.