Written by Beth Hildreth on April 29, 2013
Categories: Industry Articles

This spring the Alabama-based cloud provider Momentum Telecom enhanced its portfolio with the addition of web conferencing. The company garnered great interest in the new, intuitive service by extending a 30-day free trial offer during the initial launch period.

The platform is being touted as a PIN-protected face-to-face communication channel that can host meetings with up to 250 attendees. Coined Momentum Meeting, the solution is powered via the cloud and comes complete with an array of presentation functions as well as audio and video conferencing capabilities. It powers synchronized browsing, screen share within PowerPoint presentations and media file-sharing for the ultimate collaboration experience.

With this offering in hand, businesses throughout the globe can create and join virtual meetings from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, room-based system or video-enabled desk phones.

Being able to connect from anywhere and at any time brings the flexibility seen within an organization to a heightened level. In turn, this unparalleled convenience helps a large team collaborate more efficiently than ever before, empowering businesses to see a significant reduction in terms of expenses.

Ready to interact with colleagues and clients in a more intimate manner and improve your bottom line? Learn more about a cost-effective web conferencing solution from Momentum.